April 1, 2013

Blog Sale Update & Swatch Posts Catch Up!

Hello, Beautiful!

Just a quick update about the blog sale....

All orders placed over the weekend have shipped out today and I've emailed you all with tracking numbers. Thank you again for your purchase! I've emailed back everyone from last night and this morning who inquired about the blog sale.

I do have other things I'm adding to the blog sale - inventory left over from my web store - but those items will be sold in individual lots that will ship separately in their own box; so don't feel like you need to wait to see what else there may be to make your blog sale purchase since those lots will ship separately from anything else you may purchase. For those interested, the lots will be sold and shipped in small, medium, or large flat rate boxes. I want to get the inventory out of here and I really don't feel like going to the flea market again, so they'll be super affordable. Look for those lots coming hopefully mid to late this week. Until then, check out the rest of the blog sale items.

Now onto the March 2013 Swatch Posts Catch Up! If you missed anything from March, no worries; just browse through the topics below and click on a topic to check it out. The purpose of my Swatch Posts Catch Up is to provide my readers with an easy reference for all posts containing swatches - and anything else I feel is worth checking out again - so if you missed anything or just want everything in one place, this is the post for you.

I know there wasn't too much from the month of March, but I still wanted to make this post.

Swatch Posts Catch Up: March 2013

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