April 29, 2013

Hairdo by HairUWear 20" Wavy Extension in Chocolate Copper - pics, before & after, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I've been really loving extensions lately; not so much to add length but to add volume or to easily style my hair. Most recently I tried the Hairdo by HairUWear 20" Wavy Extension. My goal was to use this when I curl my hair and want more volume and have it look just beautiful. And guess what? It does look beautiful! I have it in the shade Chocolate Copper, which works well for me, but there are other shades available - 11 in total - and each shade is made up of 7 to 11 different shades for the most natural look that blends with your actual hair color. Check out my full review and all the info below after all the pics!

Hairdo by HairUWear 20" Wavy Extension
Shade: Chocolate Copper


Hairdo by HairUWear 20" Wavy Extension Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $99.00. Available at Ulta, at Vogue Wigs, and everywhere else HairUWear by Hairdo is sold. Visit the Hairdo website and find a location near you or a list of online retailers - plus they have a how-to video!
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Multi-level, 20" wavy one piece clip-in extension that creates easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual pieces. Short hair transform into luxurious below the shoulder length hair. Long hair becomes thick and full. Clip-in for length and volume. Available in 11 salon inspired colors.

This is a styleable piece with Tru2Life Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair. You can flat iron, curl, and blow it out!

I got this because I have really fine, thin hair, and I love to curl my hair but I want extra volume sometimes. This clip-in is perfect for that; it's so easy to use and you really can't tell that it's not my hair. For the before & after pics I left my hair straight, and that was dirty second-day hair, just to show the volume you can get. Of course as you can imagine it looks really great when I do curl my hair and blends in seamlessly. Also styles nicely too - but I put it in for the pics straight from the package.

Easy to put in, even though there are a lot of clips. You do need to line it up because if you clip the top part in too low the bottom won't clip in properly and it will look weird - so just line it up and clip it up high enough so it all fits beautifully.

I'm someone who doesn't wear extensions often, so for me this felt heavy at first but I got used to it as I wore it. The color I have, Chocolate Copper, works really well for me. It's what I have in my other Hairdo by HairUWear piece - the 18" Beach Curl Pony.

I really love the Hairdo by HairUWear line and would recommend it! Go to Ulta to see the shades in person if you can, so you can get your perfect shade match!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this hair extension piece? Have you tried this or is this on your wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. look so natural and nice one you :)

  2. That hair looks beautiful, it looks really nice on you!

  3. Great volume! Looks beautiful.

  4. Good choice on the colour for you!! I have purchase a few Hair U Wear pony tails in the past...and I love their site, the products they offer and their customer service. I found, with mine, after several uses and combings to get the tangles out, the synthetic hair starts to feel different. And, I've used specialized conditioners and washes for synthetic hair, but it never feels the same as when first bought. Because of this, I have stopped wearing mine, and have invested in human hair clip ins instead.


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