April 19, 2013

Mama Mio - Bootcamp For Butts: pics, swatches, info & review

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Do you have cellulite on your thighs and booty? Do you have saddle bags and just need more toned thights?It's okay if you do, most of us do - I know I do! It's not something I lose sleep over, but it's something I wouldn't mind improving. The Mama Mio Bootcamp for Butts caught my attention because it says it's a 4-step skincare wonder-combo to smooth, soften, tone, tighten, increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. But does it work? Read my full review below after all the pics.

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Mama Mio - Bootcamp for Butts
Includes: Mama Mio Body Brush, Skin Tight Toning Serum, Shrink To Fit Hip & Thigh Cream, and a 4-minute exercise program developed by celebrity trainer Efua Baker.



Mama Mio Bootcamp For Butts Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $99.00 (for the whole kit). Available on the Mama Mio website
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Mama Mio's 4-step skincare wonder-combo smoothes, softens, tones, tightens, increases circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Two simple daily exercises that take no more than 4 minutes, plus the use of three products, ensure a dramatic difference.

By using this bootcamp it says your butt will be higher and have less wobble, there will be a reduction in saddle bags, and your skin will be smoother, tighter and cellulite will diminish.

So let's start by explaining what comes in the bootcamp box and what I think of each step in this booty bootcamp...

You'll get two products, a body brush, and the instructions/exercise guide.

First you'll start with the exercise program, which is designed to be 4 minutes in length and developed by celebrity trainer Efua Baker. Two simple exercises - which really do go by quickly and are great for toning up your butt.

The two exercises do an amazing job at working out your butt. You will feel a burn if done properly! The Butt Raise is the first one, and the one I really feel the burn in my butt cheeks. The extra step of closing your knees in together after you've raised up is, at least I believe, a key step in making this exercise work even better for your butt! You'll start by doing 30 of them, and then you're supposed to add one more each day - but don't feel bad if you stick to just 30 of them for the first few days to a week, especially if you're not used to working your butt and thighs out. I started with 30 the first day and I did try to add an extra one in each day. I didn't always add in an extra each day, but I always did at least 30 to 40 per day.

The second exercise is what they call The Doggy. This exercise really targets your saddle bags - which are a problem for me. You'll start with 20 per side, then add an extra each day. And again, don't feel like you have to add an extra each day. Do what you can. I added an extra each day just because I really hate my saddlebags.

Of course you can do other exercises as well - like leg lifts to help tone your inner thighs - and of course cardio (running, dancing, etc.) is great for any exercise program you may be on. Specifically though, even if I do no other exercises that day, I always did the butt exercises from this bootcamp.

After you've done your workout - which really doesn't take long at all (I usually plan in 5 minutes for it), you can move on to applying the products. But before you apply the products you'll want to brush your body with the included Mama Mio Body Brush.

You'll use the Mama Mio Body Brush to increase circulation before applying any of the actual products. You'll brush your legs - and you can brush your whole body if you want. You'll want to use firm long strokes, brushing upwards towards your heart. I go from knee up my thigh and over my butt. You can also do this from ankle to calf. I go over every area 2 to 5 times with the brush, but I don't think that's entirely necessary. The brush does a great job at stimulating circulation - which means yes, your skin will get red and stay red for a temporary amount of time. It's important to do this step everyday for the 30 day program, and then if you want to continue using it after the 30 day bootcamp you could do it 3 to 4 times a week.

Honestly, just from feeling the brush with my hands, I hated the way it felt. I mean, hated it. I'm sensitive to certain textures and this is one of them. HOWEVER, when I actually used it on my body it felt great! I was like... oh wow, okay... I think I might love this brush. You don't want to brush so hard that it hurts, but you definitely want to use firm pressure. You'll know what feels just right once you try it out. And I have to say, my skin felt so great after using the brush. It felt awaken and alive, if that makes any sense at all. Just felt nice; it was my little massage to myself everyday. Certainly something that felt good all over the body too! It's also great to use in the shower before you do a body scrub to really get the most benefits and softest skin.

So after you've stimulated circulation with the brush you can move on to applying the two included products. You'll start with the Mama Mio Skin Tightening Serum. You'll use 1 to 1 and a half pumps per leg/butt cheek. Apply from knees to top of your butt, and then allow it to sink in completely (about 20 to 30 seconds) before moving on to the next step. It spreads across your skin so nicely, and has a very light, pleasant smell. A really simple and fast step to apply.

While I let the serum sink in, I'll do some treatments to other parts of my body. Keep in mind the following are NOT included in the Bootcamp for Butts, but are other Mama Mio products I own and use. While I allow the serum to sink into my thighs and butt, I will take the body brush and brush my tummy, then I'll apply Mama Mio's Get Waisted Body Shaper. Then I'll use the Mama Mio See No Scar Solution, which I apply to my scars.

Anyways, back to the bootcamp for your booty...

After the serum has had the 30 seconds or so to sink in you'll apply Mama Mio's Shrink To Fit Cellulite Cream. You just need 1 pump per thigh/butt, as it is a concentrated product. Massage it in really well, attempting to cover one thigh and butt cheek with just the one pump. Of course depending on your thigh and butt size that may need to slightly increase that amount. I found one pump per thigh/butt cheek worked for me, but barely. They say there are 100 pumps in the bottle so you'll have plenty for the entire 30 days in case you do need to use more than 1 pump per thigh/butt. Again, the scent is very light and pleasant - nothing super noticeable or anything that really lingers in case you want to use a scented body lotion all over afterwards.

After you've applied both products you're finished with the bootcamp for the day and you'll just need to repeat those steps every day for 30 days. It may sound or seem like a lot, but it really is a rather quick routine once you get into the groove of it all. For the first week I probably took about 10 minutes total from start to finish, and after I got really good at it, it got down to about 5 to 7 minutes.

I don't know if everyone is like this, or maybe I'm just a loser with keeping consistent, but I have a really, really hard time with keeping up with something you need to do every single day, for a set number of days. My schedule varies too much, so keeping a consistent schedule is hard for me. I certainly didn't do this at the same time every day, but I did manage to do it just about every single day. I kept these products on my desk because pretty much every day I am on the computer blogging or working on something for my blog. It was always right there, in my face, reminding me to use it. As soon as I'd want to take a break from blogging work I'd get down on my floor and do the exercises, drop my pants, lol, and start brushing my legs and then apply the products, wait a minute, pull my pants back up, lol, and get back to work. I may have missed a day or two, but I was pretty consistent with this and I think it was because it was easy to do and I wanted to see results.

So did I see results? Well as of right now I'm not through the entire 30 days but I'm close to it. I can say I've noticed a difference for sure!! Of course with cellulite like I have I can't expect for it to be gone but I think I see less of it and I still have just over a week to go for full results from the 30 day bootcamp. The exercises help for sure, but I know the actual products are a key player in this bootcamp too.

I think Mama Mio products really do work, if used consistently and properly. I think with summer right around the corner now is the perfect time to use this and see results before bikini season comes into full effect.

The price of the Bootcamp for Butts is $99 -- which is cheaper than buying the products separately. The serum is $56 and the cream is $56, so that's $112 and doesn't even include the cost of the body brush (which I'm not sure of the cost if purchased separately, because I didn't see it for individual sale on their website).

Mama Mio also offers other bootcamp boxes... they have....

Bootcamp for Tummies - $99 - which includes the same Skin Tight Toning Serum and also includes the Get Waisted Body Shaper, as well as a 4-minute tummy tucking exercise program. I already own the Get Waisted Body Shaper so I didn't get the Bootcamp for Tummies.

Bootcamp for Boobs - $85 - which includes the same Skin Tight Toning Serum and also includes the Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer, as well as a 4-minute bust perking exercise program. I have a sample of the Boob Tube from one of my beauty boxes (I think from Beauty Army, but I don't remember). I haven't used it yet, but I've heard really great things about it and I think maybe I should start using it along with my other Mama Mio products.

Bootcamp for Arms - $75 - which includes the same Skin Tight Toning Serum and also includes Omega Body Buff, and the Mama Mio Double Buff Glove. My arms really need this bootcamp, but I'm currently in the process of getting a full tattoo sleeve on my right arm, so until I am all finished with that - and it's completely healed - I don't want to mess with arms too much as far as applying products or buffing it and such (since currently I'm going about once a month to add to this sleeve).

Overall, I really like Mama Mio products and I'm excited that so far the Bootcamp for Butts has absolutely worked for me. I didn't take before and after pics but I wish I did. Let's just say people I know that have seem my legs and my butt have taken notice of a change, especially because I've said I was doing this and I think they even more so looked to see if any changes were made.

If you're looking for an added way to get in shape for the summer, check out Mama Mio's bootcamps - specifically the Bootcamp for Butts if you're like me and want to diminish cellulite, make saddlebags appear smoothing in shape, and just in general get your legs and butt looking much nicer.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this butt bootcamp? Have you tried this or is this on your wish list? Or have you tried any of the products mentioned by themselves? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Que productos tan interesantes! besos

  2. After having my baby I was fortunate to lose the baby weight quickly, but my body just wasn't the same. I've done the butt boot camp, ok in my opinion. Firm yes, but I still got my cellulite. (Alas poopy genetics) I did the tummy boot camp OMG awesome...I still do my "tuplers" in the work on the way to work. I LOVE their boob tube cream, it's amazing to help deal the crepey skin. My boobs are almost back to pre-prego appearance now. My option is Mama Mio stuff Rocks! Worth every penny.

  3. @ Beata: I'm glad to hear another Mama Mio success story! There are so many products out there that make claims and a lot of them fail. Mama Mio has always been good in my experience! :)


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