April 14, 2013

Blog sale update: (my internet was down)

Hello, Beautiful!

I am so sorry if it is taking awhile to update my blog sale or get back to anyone. I am doing my best here but my internet has been down. Turns out the router or something got fried and we had to replace it and all that stuff. Just got it back up and working so I am going to go update the blog sale page in a minute here and reply to more people.

Anyone who I've emailed back and they've paid, don't worry - your orders will be out in the mail first thing tomorrow morning and later today you should get an email from me with a tracking number.

And just a few reminders please:

  • Include your zip code when emailing me. It will make things go faster so I can calculate shipping.
  • Blog sale is only open to those in the USA.
  • I only ship using USPS Priority Mail because I want a tracking number on the package to confirm it arrived. It protects myself from someone saying it never showed, and protects the buyer in case it doesn't show (to be able to track it down). 

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