April 25, 2013

Wantable.co Beauty Box! Pics, review!

Hello, Beautiful!

I love monthly subscription boxes, but some of them are let downs because they're all sample size products and sometimes you don't even get a good sample size. That's why I like Wantable.co's beauty box! It is more expensive than say something like Birchbox, but you get all FULL SIZED products (4 to 6 per month) with a box value of around $80 to $100 minimum (my box in this post is valued at over $105!) - and the customization is great! They also have a Jewelry Box, but I'm way more interested in makeup. Oh and there was NO FOOD or tiny perfume samples! Woo hoo, haha! This is the monthly subscription box for makeup lovers!

I was sent a Wantable.co box to review, but I've already signed up to receive these monthly. You can sign-up to -- just click here or follow the link below (it's my referral link). I know right now all new member receive a bonus item when you sign up! You can also choose to get a one-time box.

Sign-up now: https://www.wantable.com/invite/wpHSNqQgXOs

It's $36 a month with free shipping, or you can purchase a one-time only box for $40 in case you're not sure you want to fully commit. They have a happiness guarantee - so if for any reason you're not happy you can send it back for a full refund; they even include a pre-paid return label! Plus skip or cancel anytime. So it really is hassle-free and worry-free, so why not try it out for a month or two (I always give subscription services three months before I decide to stay or go). And they have a nice customization survey where you'll Love, Like, Or Dislike products. What's best about that is you'll never receive something you say you Dislike and you're more likely to receive products you Love!

Check out what I got in my box below, and I'll post about my next Wantable.co box once I receive it.

Wantable.co Beauty Box

Shipment Quick Stats:
  • Value of this month's Wantable.co shipment: $106.33 (value is approximate)
  • Total # of Items Received: 7 (9 items if you count the wipes had 2 packets, and the eyeliner/shadow duo comes with a brush)
  • # of makeup items: 5 (technically 6 if you count the brush)
  • # of nail items: 1
  • # of skincare items: 0
  • # of body care items: 0
  • # of hair care items: 0
  • # of fragrance items: 0
  • # of other items: 1 (technically 2 if you count both packs of wipes)

Now I'll break it down, product-by-product...

Peepers by Darla in Betty Jane
  • MY THOUGHTS: I've never heard of Darla Makeup before, so it's always nice to try new brands. The packaging is cute (the box) and the actual product packaging is nice because a mirror is included. The eyeshadow shade I received is Betty Jane - a green shade. I'm not a green shadow gal, but I have to say this is a pretty green that has a golden shimmer to it. Nice pigmentation and formula too.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $18.00

Color Club Nail Polish in He Loves Me
  • MY THOUGHTS: I love nail polish, and I have a huge collection of Color Club polishes. This is one shade I don't think I own, and it's a pretty pink! 
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $8.00

MyFace Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Medium, Rosebud
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm not a lip pencil gal typically, although I do like to use them from time to time. So even though I received one in this box, I won't receive a lip liner in future boxes because of Wantable.co's awesome customization - which allows you to dislike something, and what you dislike you'll never receive! However, this lip liner had great pigmentation and amazing staying power. The swatch on my hand was still there the next day, even after trying to get it off!
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $16.00

MiA BelleZZa Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Duo with Brush in Spellbind.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is another brand I've never heard of, so I looked them up and at first I thought this was an eyeshadow duo but soon discovered it is their Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Duo, which comes with a brush. On their website it shows a different brush than what was included; I would have preferred the brush shown on their website. The actual product didn't have much pigmentation and felt a bit chalky when swatched. I think I'll try applying this over primer or applying wet.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $24.50

29 Cosmetics Dew Lip Gloss in Napa Sunset
  • MY THOUGHTS: I've heard of this brand but haven't tried it yet. This lip gloss is a pretty shade; it's a pinky orange shimmer -- or as they describe it on their website, a sheer shimmery nectar rose. I didn't try this out yet on my lips, but I fully plan to.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $24.00


Swagger Cosmetics - Champagne in the Bubble Bath Highlighter?
  • MY THOUGHTS: This product didn't have a brand name on it or product name, and since I didn't get a card in my Wantable.co box telling me what was included (since I received a box curated for bloggers), I didn't know what this was. However, I recgonized the label - but forgot what brand - so I did some hunting and found it was Swagger cosmetics. I'm not 100% sure if I have the right product listed, but I believe this is the Champagne In the Bubble Bath Highlighter.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $14.50

LA Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes
  • MY THOUGHTS: I think these were just an added bonus in my box. I believe these retail for about $1.99 for 3 and I received two, so the value is roughly $1.33 for these two. I haven't tried them yet, but I will put them in my travel bag or purse bag of back-ups.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $1.99 for three.

Let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Wantable.co shipment this month? If so, what are your thoughts on your box? If you don't receive a Wantable.co beauty box yet, click here to sign up! Discuss in the comments below.


  1. WOOO HOOO for no perfume samples! It seems like boxes now just give a lot of skin care samples too, so yay for makeup. I'm going to check this out but I'd really like for boxes to have color preferences because I hate red lips and it seems like thats all I get.

  2. So many awesome things in this box! And it's great that you can really customize the things that you get in your box; I've not heard of any box that offers the option to exclude a particular type of product. :D

  3. @ sunnydee130: Yes! I don't like red lips either and one of the things you could dislike is RED LIPSTICK!! I was like AMEN! :)

    @ LauraLeia: Yes, I was excited that I could exclude lip liners and bronzer from my box. It really goes into nice detail; you come out feeling like your box is going to be something truly customized to your likes.

  4. Ooo this box subscription looks nice! I've never heard of them before, but will definitely look them up.


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