March 9, 2013

Stars and Stripes Love Heart Charm Necklace - pics, review

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Stars and Stripes is a military inspired jewelry line. They combine the strong aesthetic of military design and feminine touches with precious metals and diamonds. Initially created to honor our military heroes, their jewelry line has expanded to have special meaning for every individual. I was sent their Love Heart Charm Necklace, which is in silver (although also available in gold) and has a genuine diamond. It's a cute dog tag style necklace, without being a huge regular-sized dog tag. This is the feminine, dainty version of a dog tag. It's small and cute, and I've gotten compliments on it - surprisingly mostly from those who have a loved one in the military. What's best yet is a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the charity Our Military Kids.

Check out my pics, info, and review... click on pics to view them larger.

Stars and Stripes
Love Heart Charm Necklace

Stars and Stripes Love Heart Charm Necklace Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $149.00. Available on the Stars and Stripes website [] 
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

This mini dog tag style necklace, with heart charm, is small and dainty - a feminine version of a regular sized dog tag.

Silver plated with a genuine diamond (2mm diamond --- it is small, just fair warning), on an 18" chain. The pendant measures approximately 1.1 cm x 1.5 cm (which is just a little under half an inch, but a little over half an inch). It's comparable to the size of a dime.

I'm all about love; I have two Be Love tattoo's on my body so I was instantly drawn to this necklace. The heart charm is cute and the message, Love, is something everyone can relate to. I've worn this necklace several times and have gotten many compliments on it, asking where they can find one because they have a loved one in the military, or lost a loved on in the military - and even those that have no connection to the military but just find it to be a cute necklace.

There are other designs; as I mentioned at the start of this post this necklace also comes in gold. There are a four different messages: Love, Courage, Inspire, Hope  - and then there are 5 different charms: heart, anchor, wing, star, ribbon. They have them combined in a few different ways, so check out the different options they have. Each has a genuine diamond in the dog tag. I don't know how much the carat weight is, but it is a very small diamond so if you're looking for big bling-bling this isn't it. If you want something more understated and sweet, then this is perfect.

The price is a bit steep, I will admit that it won't be in everyone's budget at $149, but keep in mind a portion of the proceeds is donated to the charity Our Military Kids. For some reason anytime a portion of sales is donated to charity it makes buying something more okay to me, lol. On the Stars and Stripes website it doesn't say how much is donated, but considering this line is all about the military I would assume they do a good part for that charity. You can read up more on the charity Our Military Kids on the Stars and Stripes website; click the 'We Care' tab at the top, or visit the Our Military Kids website.

Overall, I do think this is a really cute necklace. I love that it's a feminine version of a dog tag, and that it has a positive message. For sure this would make a great gift!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this necklace? Would you wear this or give this as a gift? Which necklace from their website is your favorite? Discuss in the comments below.

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