March 26, 2013

Update on why I've been absent for over a week and what's coming up on my blog!

Hello, Beautiful!

I want to apologize to all my readers for my recent absence, in which I haven't made a post in over a week. I've been going through some personal things in life that side tracked me from working on my blog, and I've been sick again as well. I'm getting back on track now, so stayed tuned for lots of great blog content coming up.

Here's a preview of just a few things coming soon to my blog....

  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick pics & swatches of the Plums & Berries, and of the Naturals & Browns -- plus a post showing all 30 shades together.
  • LVX Spring 2013 Collection (so pretty!)
  • Makeup Dupes
  • My drugstore favorites
  • Lots of products added to my Blog Sale!
  • Big Birthday Giveaway!!
  • and so many more product reviews and a few tutorials!

I've been working HARD to find eyeshadow dupes! It has taken days and countless hours -- and a very sore arm -- and I'm still not even through them all. I decided it would be easiest to try and match individual palettes/shadows to drugstore dupes, so that's how I'll list them (like dupes for the Naked 2 palette, dupes for the Sephora Cinderella palette, dupes for the Make Up For Ever Rock For Ever palette, and so on). It's been really fun though, and all I can say is Wet n Wild and Milani are leaders in drugstore makeup dupes!

The Big Birthday Giveaway is also coming soon, and I've been slowly finding products and putting them away in prep for this giveaway. I'll be turning 29 on April 12th, so in honor of my last year in my 20's I thought I'd throw together a nice little giveaway for my readers.

I'm also adding a bunch of products to my blog sale, this time most of them will be swatched/tested products but there are some brand new, never used products too. I just realized it's time to purge and even though I love all my makeup, I know I can't use it all and I'd rather it go to good use and I'd rather get some money for other things I've been saving up for.

So again, I truly do apologize for my absence. I will return hopefully within a few hours with a post on two Biore products I am going crazy for right now!

Talk to you all soon!


  1. I'll be looking forward to those posts! Are you going to be making more videos?

  2. @ sunnydee130: Thanks girl! I appreciate it! :)

    @ Sarah: Yes! I am actually waiting on installing some software to allow me to convert my videos to the web without losing quality (like they currently are), because I don't want to start posting tutorials and other videos with bad quality. That's part of the reason I've put it off so long, as I just didn't have time to get around to it. I'm actually (hopefully) installing the software tonight, so within the next couple days there should be at least one or two videos going up.


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