January 1, 2012

December 2011 GoGoGirlfriend Shipment

Hello, Beautiful!

Well it took long enough, but I finally received my December 2011 GoGoGirlfriend shipment. Usually I receive my GoGoGirlfriend shipment around the middle of the month (between the 13 and 15), but not this month. I ended up emailing them to ask when it would ship out, or if it would ship out this month at all, because I was getting concerned. They replied back on a Sunday saying my box would be shipping out "this coming week"... and it did, but they waited until that following Friday to ship it out, that's Friday December 23rd. I received it on December 27th, which was surprising considering their shipping times have varied anywhere from 4 to 9 days from the time I get a shipping notification email. How can they even call it a December box when you receive it when the month is almost over? Just isn't right! They are too slow!

This was not a great way to start out this month's shipment; especially considering this is the last month I'm giving myself to decide if I want to cancel, hold, or continue my GoGoGirlfriend subscription. So what did I think of this month's shipment? Was it worth the wait? Will I cancel or hold my membership? I'm once again underwhelmed. With two new subscription companies out there (My Glam and Beauty Army), I'm putting my money into shipments that I'm pretty sure I will like a whole lot more. GoGoGirlfriend is being cancelled.

Oh, and again, their included info paper is full of really bad writing. I type out what they say exactly as it's listed on the paper. I can't believe they still don't proof read, or at the very least think about the description they are trying to write because a lot of it sounds like sentences that have been pushed together.

Keep reading to see everything I received in my December 2011 GoGoGirlfriend shipment and let me know what you think, especially if you received a shipment this month.

GoGoGirlfriend Box - December 2011

The included info paper:
Last month they started using a post-card style info card, which was an improvement. This month they're back to their piece of paper. However, the terrible write-up's remain the same throughout all months -- this month even includes spelling errors!

Total # of items received: 10
# of makeup items: 2
# of nail items: 0
# of skin care items: 4
# of body care items: 2
# of hair care items: 0
# of fragrance items: 0
# of other items: 2

BLOSSOMS Lip Shimmer & Gloss in Sunset
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: New! Highly pigmented with luscious aloe to keep lips soft and moist. This lip shimmer & gloss wears longer than most lip gloss a little goes a long way. Available in our store $6.99 Member, $8.99 non-members.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I haven't used this gloss on my lips yet, but I don't like the color (Sunset) at all. When swatched, it felt very thick and cheap. It also has a weird smell to it. I think this gloss is way over priced. I believe this is a full sized tube, although I'm not 100% sure because the tube I received has no size listed and there is also no size listed on the website. However, it looks the same size as the one sold in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. It is very shiny, so that's a plus, but this is not a gloss for me.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $12.99 non-member price; $8.99 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. This is a full sized product (I believe), making it an $8.99 value.

BLOSSOMS Lip Liner in Currant
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: New! Soft lip pencil that glides on easily to outline and define your lips, available in 12 lovely shades, Member price $4.99, non-members $6.99.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm not a huge lip liner person, but I do have a few I like (such as CATTIVA'S Dolce Diva Lip Liner). This lip liner is your basic pencil lip liner. Nothing overly special, and the shade I received (Currant) is a shade I would never use. It is nicely pigmented though, so that's a plus.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $6.99 non-member price; $4.99 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. This is a full sized product, making it a $4.99 value.

Spa Terry Cloth Adjustable Velcro Headband
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Perfect to place hair out of your face area to apply face masks, cleansing and makeup application. Washable, adjustable, soft and comfortable. Available in our store $6.99 Members, $8.99 non-members.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I will likely use this, and it's probably the only product in this months shipment I will use. The quality isn't top-notch, but I feel it's priced appropriately. 
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $8.99 non-member price; $6.99 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. This is a full sized product, making it a $6.99 value.

COMODYNES Self Tanning Towelette
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Provides an even, safe and clean tan on face and body in just 3 hours, giving a natural, healthy skin tone. No side effects, no streaking. Formulated with a moisturizing complex, eliminates the feeling of tightness and keeps the skin soft. Available in our store $13.99 - $36.99
  • MY THOUGHTS: I first want to point out that GoGoGirlfriend spelled "towelette" incorrectly on their info paper (they left out the 'e' after the 'w') -- they did this not once, but twice for two separate products. Anyhow, this is a product I don't plan to try out anytime soon. I don't use self tanner all that often, but when I do I already have a self tanner I trust (St. Tropez).
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: An 8-pack is $13.99; a 16-pack is $26.99; and a 24-pack is $36.99 in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. For the purpose of value breakdown, I'll take it from the 24-pack price. Since I received 1 towelette the value is $1.54.

COMODYNES Beauty-Flash Lifting Effect
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: This was the one product not listed on the info paper. The odd thing is all the instructions and such are in Spanish, but thankfully the actual packet that contains the sample is written in English.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I may give this a try in the future, but I'm not rushing to do so.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $24.00 non-member price; $19.00 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. Not sure what the value of this sample is since GoGoGirlfriend does not list a size on their website of what the full sized version is. The sample size I received is 0.05 fl oz.

  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Certified organic nourishing anti-aging eye cream, hydrates and firms the delicate skin around eye area. Gently, pat around eye area and blend. Available in our store 14 gram jar: member price $49.99, non-member $59.99.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This really isn't a product I really need, as I'm only going to be 28 years old. I do use an eye cream, but this is one I don't think is really for me. It's also really expensive.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $59.99 non-member price; $49.99 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. I received a 4 gram sample, making it a $14.28 sample value.

BLUMS NATURALS Orange Peel Exfoliating Towelette
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Exfoliating Pads are infused with natural and organic botanicals that remove eye & face make-up. These exfoliating pads contain micro-beads that help to deep clean & lift away dead skin cells. For all skin types and available in our store (3 pack), member price $10.00, non member $12.00
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is the second "towelette" they spell wrong; they get it right in the description part of the Blums Naturals Pro Age Daily Cleansing/Makeup Remover. Anyhow, I don't know if I'll use these or not; some orange scents make me want to vomit and others smell like fresh orange juice (and make me thirsty, lol). I haven't opened this yet because I don't plan to use it just yet, but I may try this down the road.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $12.00 non-member price; $10.00 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. 16 towelettes per pack; 3 packs for the price (48 total towelettes). I received one towelette, making it a $0.21 sample value.

    BLUMS NATURALS Pro Age Daily Cleansing/Makeup Remover with Grapeseed
    • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Pro Age Towelettes are infused with natural and organic botanicals that gently remove eye & face makeup-up. These soft towelettes gently cleanse and rehydrate for healthy looking skin. Featured Ingredient: Grape seed extract, also known as vitis vinifera, is derived from the seed of the grape. It is an anti-oxidant and is rich in phenols. Available in our store (2) pack, member price $15.00, non-member $17.00.
    • MY THOUGHTS: Again, not sure I will use this or not; not something I'm dying to try.
    • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $17.00 non-member price; $15.00 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. 30 towelettes per pack; 2 packs for the price (60 total towelettes). I received one towelette, making it a $0.25 sample value.

      GOGOGIRLFRIEND Unscented Floating Candle
      • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: This is a classic, smooth sided, hand poured floating candle. It measures 3" (diameter) and 1 3/8" (height). This floating candle features a sophisticated smooth finish, and burns for approximately 8-10 hours. Use in a decorative dish or check out our floating clear glass candle pillars, you can get creative by adding flowers, fruit, shells, rocks to create a beautiful decorative look for everyday or holidays. Candles available in 11 colors, pillar available separately. Available in our store (set of 12), member price $24.99, non-member price $29.99.
      • MY THOUGHTS: I'm glad these are unscented, because most scents from my GoGoGirlfriend boxes are not pleasant, but I think these are way over priced. Nothing special about this candle; I feel like I could find the same thing at the Dollar Store.
      • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $29.99 non-member price; $24.99 member price -- set of 12 -- in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. I received one candle, making it a $2.08 sample value.

      GOGOGIRLFRIEND All Natural Olive & Shea Butter Soap Sample in Brazilian Jasmine
      • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Available in our store, each soap is beautifully hand wrapped great as a gift item too! Set of 3 available in our store member price $14.99, non-member $16.99
      • MY THOUGHTS: I do NOT like the smell; it smells cheap and detergent-like. I would not purchase this scent; it went in the trash right after I photographed it. However, I really love the Cherry Almond with Oatmeal soap (which I received twice, so this is the 3rd GoGoGirlfriend soap sample I'm receiving).
      • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $16.99 non-member price; $14.99 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store. Not sure of sample value.

        Now let me know what you think...
        Do you already subscribe to GoGoGirlfriend? If so, did you like your December shipment? Did it arrive on time, early or late for you? If you're not a GoGoGirlfriend member, would you like to sign up? Discuss in the comments below.



        1. I was so not thrilled with my box this month and it took forever to get to me as well. I cancelled and signed up for MyGlam and beauty army! =)

        2. @ Miranda: I did the same thing as you! I don't know what happened to GGG ... They seemed so promising with Tarte and Urban Decay products. Oh well, plenty of monthly subscription sites out there to fill my needs lol :)

        3. MyGlam and BA both look awesome (MyGlam moreso). Unfortunately, not available to those of us in Canada :(

        4. @ stream27: Sorry to hear they don't ship to Canada. Hopefully there are some great options for you; You can get Luxe Box/Loose Button, right? Or is that only in the UK? With all these sample box programs out there I get confused on who can get what. I'm just glad we have more options here in the United States; for awhile Birchbox was pretty much the only good (and cheap) sampling program. I can't wait to get MyGlam and Beauty Army to see what they're all about!

        5. After your review, I'd pass on subscribing. I am very picky and if I don't love a subscription after 3 months (like Birchbox) I'm done!

          Though I do love the color lipgloss/pencil you got lol

          Waiting for my first GlamGirl and Green Grab Bag....I love JulepMaven and Eco-Emi (also Foodzie but that isn't beauty lol).

        6. I wish it were available also in Italy!

        7. I canceled last month, then GOGO Girlfriend sent me an email saying they were having problems billing me. I sent them an email back saying because I cancelled you. They are so ridiculous!!

        8. @ GirlieAndGlamorous: Are you serious? Now I'm worried. I sent them an email to cancel, but I wasn't able to remove my payment information, which makes me mad. Hopefully they will get back to me ASAP confirming my account is cancelled.

          I just don't think they have their sh*t together the way Birchbox does and many other monthly subscription sites. It's a shame.

        9. Thanks for the heads up on Luxe! I forgot they ship here. Going to sign up for month to see what it's all about ;D

        10. I canceled my GGG box in November but because they had already charged my account for the December box, I ended up getting this one too. (Because their shipping takes forever, I had just rec'd my GGG box, and two days before I rec'd it the December $$ was already taken out.) I'm not thrilled at all by anything in the box. GGG was def not for me. I'm keeping an eye on my bank account to make sure they don't try to charge me for January. I would def keep your eye on your bank account for this.

          Were you able to sign up for Beauty Army yesterday? I tried for an hour to get on their website, but was unable to ever get through :(

        11. @ Aida Vicki: I will definitely have to watch for changes on my card. What I did was go in and change my expiration date so that it wouldn't push it through, just in case they do try to charge my card again.

          And yes, I was able to sign up for Beauty Army! I had a lot of trouble getting on too; I had Internet Explorer open as well as Mozilla, and it seemed like I could get through faster with Mozilla.

          Are you able to sign up today? Or are they all sold out?

        12. @Crystal Valentine-Burnhans. I was able to sign up for Beauty Army today, but the January shipments are all sold out. So I could pick samples for next month if I wanted to, but none of the samples really dazzled me. I would love to see what you got once you get yours.

          Good idea with the credit card on GGG's website. I'm going to try that too.

        13. I had to cancel my debit card number and get a new one and that was the only reason GGG didn't bill me. You have to be very careful. When I received the email saying they were having problems billing me I was actually happy I had lost my debit card. Cuase they would have charged me this month.

        14. @ GirlieAndGlamorous: Oh wow, good thing you lost your debit card, lol. Geez, I don't know what is up with them. They seemed so promising in the past and now it's like something happened. A total 180 switch. Before I ever signed up I saw great GGG boxes and couldn't wait to try them out. Then it just went downhill. They are really slow with shipping; I'm wondering if they're just too overwhelmed with customers to really produce good boxes and fast shipping times. Oh well, I still plan to rejoin in the future if they improve the products they offer.

        15. My December box still hasn't even shipped. I usually get mine around the 10-13th. I also ordered some soap on December 5th, no sign of that order either. I've already cancelled with a complaint.

          Good to see I didn't miss out on my December one. LOL


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