January 29, 2012

Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten in Medium/Regular -- swatches, pics, review

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It's winter, and that means my skin is at its palest. This is the time when I find myself using bronzer the most, but I don't want to look orange and I don't want to look shimmery; I just want to warm my complexion. Laura Geller's Bronze-N-Brighten is perfect for me! It applies like a dream, warms my complexion, is long lasting, and transfer resistant.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review...

Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten
Shade: Medium/Regular

Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten PRO's & CON's:
PRO's: buildable color, goes on with ease, long lasting, looks natural
CON's: not for those with tan to deep skintones (which really isn't a con, considering this is a bronzer and that's the norm for this type of product)

Basic Stats for Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten:
Formula: baked powder
Wear: average to above average
Coverage: sheer; buildable
Shade Info: two shades: fair or regular/medium
Cost/Availability: $31.00 (0.32 oz full size). Available on Laura Geller's website, Ulta's website, and everywhere else Laura Geller cosmetics are sold. Also available for sale with her retractable brush for $35.00 on QVC's website (which is a great deal, since the brush is usually $15 on its own). QVC also sells a super sized version (0.85 oz) for $48.50 and it includes a brush; probably the best deal although right now they are sold out of the super sized version.
Packaging: round compact with a mirror
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

This bronzer begins its life as a cream of several different shades, then baked on a terracotta pan for 24 hours. The end results is this beautiful baked powder bronzer, which applies like a dream. Loaded with age fighting, anti-oxidant protection of Centella Asiatica and white tea. Transfer resistant and long lasting. Its color correcting pigments help even out skintone, leaving you with a very believable kiss of color.

For me, this product lasts a very long time and it's also transfer resistant.

Sheer, buildable color.

Shade Info:
Available in two shades; one for Fair skintones and one that is labeled as Regular/Medium, for those in the light to medium skintone category.

 $31.00 (0.32 oz full size). Available on Laura Geller's websiteUlta's website, and everywhere else Laura Geller cosmetics are sold. Also available for sale with her retractable brush for $35.00 on QVC's website (which is a great deal, since the brush is usually $15 on its own)QVC also sells a super sized version (0.85 oz) for $48.50 and it includes a brush; probably the best deal although right now they are sold out of the super sized version.

Round compact with mirror on the inside. 

Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten Review:
This is a wonderful bronzer. First, look at how pretty it is in the compact! If you haven't already, go back and click on the photos to view them larger to check out how pretty it is. I must have stared at it for at least 15 minutes before ever swatching; it's just so pretty! Everyone's compact will look a little different because this formula begins its life as a cream before being baked. I love all Laura's baked products because of the wonderful combination of colors, that somehow seamlessly blend into perfect shades. Because this product starts as a cream, this powder has a nice creamy consistency to it, making it a dream to apply.

On me, this looks very natural. No shimmer or glitter! It is matte, but it has color correcting pigments in it that will give your skin a beautiful look so you don't look ruddy, muddy, or orange -- and that's something very important to me; I don't want to look orange at all! I also found that this bronzer lasts a very long time on me, which is sort of unusual for a bronzer; they normally fade quickly on me.

I normally use this like you would any other bronzer (doing the "3-E" application), or as a contour under my cheekbones and jawline. But I also like to use it as an all-over face color to warm my complexion. Since this bronzer begins its life as a cream, you can use it wet or dry and you can also use it on your body. It's transfer resistant, so you won't have to worry about it getting on your clothes.

Overall, yes, I would recommend this to those that normally use bronzer or are looking for a bronzer. If you have tan to deeper skintones then you'll want to skip this product.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this bronzer? Have you tried this or is this on your wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. i love her baked blushes- i have the one in honey dipped and it does have shimmer maybe something your not looking for, but I am paler and it blends out beautifully as a contour even in these winter months

  2. @ Erica J: I also have the Honey Dipped one and I like it! I don't mind shimmer or glitter at all -- I wear it on my eyes all the time, lol -- but in the winter I prefer my bronzer without shimmer. In the summer I seem to lean on shimmer bronzers more and have layered the Honey Dipped blush over other matte bronzers. Love it!

  3. I always want to try this or the foundation type one. I just used most of my Birchbox points about 10 minutes ago, and after I save up again and nothing really seems to be calling my name, I really thing I'm going to buy this now. Thanks for the review.

  4. I have the honey dipped one that I got in my birchbox and I really like it, but sometimes it can be a bit too glittery.sparkly! :P Great review!


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