January 31, 2012

NOTD: Crimson Flakes -- shiny & matte

Hello, Beautiful!

I did this NOTD a few weeks ago, before I had my surgery. I just haven't gotten around to sharing it with you all until today. On this particular day, I was in a red polish mood but also wanted to use flakies. I knew I'd reach for my Barielle polish in Elle's Spell, but it's rather sheer so I layered that over a red creme base. In addition, I wanted to use one of the Finger Paints Special Effects polishes, which I decided to layer over top everything. In the end, I liked the mani but I still wasn't satisfied. I went matte and loved it a lot more.

I prefer this look matte, but which do you like better? Matte or shiny?

Shown above matte, and below shiny.

To re-create this NOTD:

  • One coat of Zoya Anchor base coat.
  • One coat of China Glaze polish in Ruby Deer
  • One coat of Barielle polish in Elle's Spell
  • One coat of Finger Paints polish in Twisted
  • One coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
  • To go matte: one coat of Hard Candy Matte Top Coat

Then I went matte....


  1. This is gorgeous! Both versions...

  2. Wow...looks great!!! Big LIKE :)

  3. No pensaba que los brillitos quedasen bien en mate, pero sí, quedan muy bien.

  4. I like both versions, but matte...it's pure perfection <3

  5. Awesome combo! How do you like Hard Candy Matte, would you recommend this topcoat?

  6. Love it!!!


  7. @ Sheba: The only matte top coat I currently own is from Hard Candy, so I don't have much to compare it by, but I do think it's fantastic. It works well and it's really affordable.

  8. Twisted looks good on everything I've seen it on!

  9. I think I actually do love this more in matte! I think it brings out the beauty of all the shades, where they are kind of muddled when shiny. LOVELY!!

  10. Okay thanks for the info Crystal!

  11. I can't decide! I love it both ways.


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