January 7, 2012

Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Polish in Fuchsia -- swatches, pics

Hello, Beautiful!

Today's NOTD is another beauty from Glitter Gal. This is my second Glitter Gal polish and I have to say, they make some of the best holographic polishes out there! They go on incredibly easy, have gorgeous linear holo-goodness, and have a wide color range to choose from (there are currently 19 shades in the 3D Holographic Collection). Sure, they're smaller bottles but the quality is superior.

Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Polish
Shade Description: A light pink/purple with linear holographic glitter.
Details: All photos of polish on my nails shown with two coats over the Knockout Nails System as my base (I didn't use any other base coat under the Glitter Gal Polish); no top coat.



Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish PRO's & CON's:
PRO's: gorgeous linear holo effect, wide range of shades to choose from, superior formula, easy application
CON's: a little pricey for the amount of polish you receive (but to me this brand is worth it)

Basic stats for Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish:
Formula: linear holographic polish
Coverage: opaque in 2 to 3 coats
Wear: above average for a holo
Shade Info: currently available in 19 shades
Cost/Availability: $14 each (0.3 fl oz full size). Available on Glitter Gal's website, and for United States buyers, click here to purchase on llarowe's website.
Packaging: small square bottle; average polish brush
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Glitter Gal's 3D Holographic collection of polishes feature linear holographic finishes, which are gorgeous! Compared to other holographic polishes I own, these are much easier to work with. For example, I've been able to use any base coat with these and not have any application issues. They also have a nicer finish to them, almost glossy depending on what shade you have; of course the holo-goodness outshines everything!

Opaque in 2 to 3 coats.

Above average wear for a holographic polish.

Shade Info:
Currently available in 19 shades; I want them all, lol!

$14 each, plus shipping. Available on Glitter Gal's website.
 For those of us in the United States, you can purchase your Glitter Gal polishes from llaroweclick here to visit the llarowe web store. 

Square polish bottle, black cap and average polish brush. These bottles are smaller than your average polish. They look like polish mini's. They hold 0.3 fl oz - which is still plenty of polish. To give you an idea, most polish bottles offer 0.5 fl oz.

Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish Review:
I'm in love with Glitter Gal's 3D Holographic polishes! I really cannot say enough good things about these polishes. There is really nothing bad I can say because they're just too pretty and the formula is too perfect.

The shade I'm sharing with you in this post is Fuchsia, which I thought was going to be a brighter pink based on the online swatch from Glitter Gal's website, but it's actually a light pink/purple. I really like the color regardless of what I thought it would look like. How can you not love any of their shades from their 3D Holographic line? They're all beautiful!

I will continue to grow my Glitter Gal collection for years to come, and really hope they never stop making these beautiful linear holographic polishes!!

If you couldn't already tell, I HIGHLY recommend these polishes!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this gorgeous holographic polish? Do you own this already, or is this on your must-try list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I want a holographic polish like this so badly! I wish the drugstores had them :(

  2. wow, this is so beautiful!! :)

  3. That's so beautiful! I've had my eye on those polishes for a while, but I'm definitely getting these now after these pics and review^^ :)

  4. hey! lovely blog. Please check me out.

    if you follow I'll definetly follow you aswell :)

  5. I love holographic nail polish! Different colors at different angles = love

  6. I can see that holographic polishes are big right now but I just can't get it. I have two of them and they don't convince me, I think it's too much for me (I guess I'm more for shimmers and cremes) but I find this on quite nice, specially base color is beautiful (for me this is lavender and not fuchsia) ;)

  7. This is so pretty. Kind of looks like Sally Hansen Prisms. Gorgeous.

  8. That is so super pretty! I love love the holos :) xx


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