January 14, 2012

Beauty Army - January 2012 (the very 1st shipment ever!) -- pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Even though I'm still couch-bound recovering from surgery, I had to photograph and post about my very first Beauty Army kit (which arrived Saturday afternoon). Sorry if some of the photos aren't the best they could be, but my camera felt like it weighed 200 pounds so I had to be super quick photographing everything.

So far, I'm really impressed with Beauty Army! The very first kit has a value of $60.85, at least it does for me with the items I selected. It will be different for everyone, unless you selected the same samples as I did. I really hope this is how it will be every month; getting a great value while trying out products and brands I may never had tried otherwise.

In case you don't know, Beauty Army is one of the newest monthly subscription sampling programs. For just $12 a month (includes free shipping) you can choose up to 6 samples each month. That's right; YOU choose the samples! Not a bad deal, especially when you're in control of what you receive. For those that have complained about other monthly subscription services sending them products they don't like, I highly suggest you check out Beauty Army -- which may be the perfect subscription service for you! Currently, I believe Beauty Army only ships to those in the United States, but I could be wrong. To read more about Beauty Army, or to sign up for your own subscription, click here or visit www.beautyarmy.com.

Although no product info is listed on the included info card, you can log into your Beauty Army account to see details on the products, including the size of each sample you received, and even purchase the full sized versions.

Check out what my Beauty Army kit included....

Beauty Army - January 2012

Here's what the Beauty Army packaging looks like...

It arrived in my mail box in a white box with "Beauty Army" printed around the box.

The actual Beauty Army kit box is pretty; black and the top has lots of beauty related words on it.

When you open the box you'll notice the pink camo print, which lines the entire box. Navy blue tissue paper holds everything in the box nicely, with the info card on top.

When you open the blue tissue paper you'll see everything wrapped very nicely in pink tissue paper.

Included Info Card:

Shipment Quick Stats:
  • Value of this month's shipment: $60.85 (value is approximate)
  • Total # of items I received: 6
  • # of makeup items: 2
  • # of nail items: 0
  • # of skincare items: 4
  • # of body care items: 0
  • # of hair care items: 0
  • # of fragrance items: 0
  • # of other items: 0

Now I'll break it down, product-by-product...

CHELLA Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: The collagen in this eye mask lifts, firms, and smooths skin, hiding your tired eyes, fighting puffiness, and reducing dark circles. Wear this mask to make your skin glow like it would after a full night's sleep!
  • MY THOUGHTS: I haven't tried this out yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing how well this may work.
  • FULL SIZED: Enough for 4 eye masks @ $45.00 (plus the full sized also includes a Chella Eye Cream Sample)
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: Enough for 1 eye mask
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $11.25


STRIVECTIN-EV Get Even Brightening Serum
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: Be among the first to try this brand new brightening. Made for all skin types, this will even out skin tone and texture and bring out your natural glow.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm actually very excited to incorporate this product into my current skincare routine.
  • FULL SIZED: 1.7 fl oz @ $89.00
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.25 fl oz
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $13.09



 BOO BOO COVER-UP Cover-Up in Medium
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: Keep looking your best, even while you're healing with this unique formula that doubles as a concealer and a healing treatment. Containing natural ingredients known to accelerate healing, this concealer will ensure no one will ever know about your "boo boo".
  • MY THOUGHTS: I was intrigued about this concealer-like product, so I knew I wanted to receive it in my January Beauty Army kit. The jar is small enough on its own, but the amount of product you receive is even smaller. You don't need to use a lot to get results, so that's a plus. The shade, Medium, is a good match for my skintone. It did a good job at covering my "boo boo", which for me right now are IV marks on my hands (both hands actually, since they missed the first time and had to try again on my other hand). In the before/after photo the cover up over my boo boo is still rather noticeable, but from normal viewing distance you can't tell I have any makeup on. Do I think this is so uniquely special that I would purchase a full sized? Eh, I don't know. I'm on the fence. I like that it contains ingredients to help with healing, but I don't really see a difference between a regular concealer and this one. I may give it a test drive on some acne overnight to see if it will help at all, or maybe test it out on one hand and leave the other hand without it to see which one heals faster. If there is no difference then I'll know this product isn't much of a healer.
  • FULL SIZED: 0.5 oz @ $20.85
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.1 oz
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $4.17


  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: This micro-resurfacing skin treatment has natural enzymes and volcanic micro-minerals that will exfoliate skin without irritation, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm looking forward to trying this out. I've always wanted to try this product out, so I was excited to receive it in my January Beauty Army kit.
  • FULL SIZED: 2 fl oz @ $47.50
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.33 fl oz (although on the description they list is as 0.34 oz, but on the actual product it says 0.33 oz, which is what I'm going by)
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $7.84

MYFACE COSMETICS Blingtone Eyeshadow in Morococo
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: Create a wicket wash of colour and dramatic, wet-looking shine. Blingtone eyeshadows glide on smoothly and won't drop or flake.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This looked a lot darker online than it actually is. In person, this is more of a lighter brown and swatches even lighter -- which may be a bit disappointing to some. Considering the description says "create a wicket wash of colour and dramatic, wet-looking shine", I was expecting intense color pay-off and even though the color is pretty on its own, others may be disappointed with the pigmentation. I hadn't ever heard of this brand before, so it's nice to try a new cosmetics line.
  • FULL SIZED: I don't know how many ounces the full sized is (nothing is listed on the packaging or Beauty Army website), but I do know the full sized version is $20.00.
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: I received a full sized eyeshadow
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $20.00

SHEA TERRA ORGANICS Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: Sourced from the Youruba tribe in Nigeria, this black facial wash and mask has a true cult following. Working like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin, this face wash is said to make you look younger in minutes.
  • MY THOUGHTS: The fact that "deep pore facial cleanser" was in the title made me add this to my January Beauty Army kit. It will work like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin, even your skin tone, firm your skin and even fight acne. The fact that it can help fight acne is great for me and my skin type. There is a weird scent to this, but I can't really describe it (for some reason it kind of reminds me of a treat or bone my dogs would eat). The color reminded me of molasses and it's a little thick, but still runny enough to use with a Clarisonic if you prefer. I haven't used this yet, but once I'm fully recovered from surgery I plan to to give this a try (for now though, I have to use my Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleansing Cloths since bending over or using the Clarisonic just is too much work on my body right now).
  • FULL SIZED: 4 oz @ $18.00
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $4.50

Let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Beauty Army kit this month? If so, what are your thoughts on your kit? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Glad your surgery went well!

    I finally decided to start my own blog instead of just writing up my thoughts on your blog comments ;) Let me know what you think:

    Im glad I let you know about Beauty Army, Id have thought you'd have know. But how amazing Beauty Army is means Gogo is gone gone.

    We got many of the same samples, although my eyeshadow is a bit darker in color. I saw someone who got a gorgeous champagne color.

  2. We picked similar samples :) I liked the cover up a lot too, but not sure if I'd spend that much for the full size - I don't ever have moments that I need such a heavy duty coverage. So excited you're into Beauty Army too!!! Feel better chica! oxoxo

  3. nice...I wish we had this in Europe...never heard of it so far...:(

  4. I will get my first box next month, can't wait! I think I picked a few of the same samples, so looking forward to it!

    I have the full size of the rosehips cleanser--yeah it has a funky smell but I've heard so many raves (and Shea Terra is an awesome company). Haven't tried it with my Clarisonic yet (just got THAT) but I think it's plenty thick--you can also use it as a facial mask to boot! (Just used the rosehips night cream and my face feels amazing this morning!)

  5. We picked the exact same samples! Thanks for the review but take care of yourself first then you can come back and spoil us with wonderful makeup goodies.

  6. Great! I really like the idea that you can choose the samples you want :)

  7. hope you are feeling well. is this the service you'd choose over others?

  8. @ lauren: I honestly couldn't choose just one service, so it's hard to say I'd pick this over the others --- especially since this is just the first shipment ever; I'd have to give them at least 3 to 6 months to get a real feel for how their service and samples are (to be fair). However, I am LOVING Beauty Army! They are priced great, you get to choose your samples, the packaging is great to re-use, and I am really looking forward to my next shipment. I guess the only complaint, if I had to find one, is I do miss the element of surprise; of not knowing what I'm going to get in my box. BUT I am thankful that I have at least one subscription service where I am in complete control over what I receive. Of course I could always not choose my samples every month and they'll choose them for me, but that's not the point of joining Beauty Army. They give you the privileged of choosing -- which I think is very appealing. Oh, and I'm doing much better, thanks! :)


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