July 4, 2011

Week of Mally Beauty Coming Soon! Plus: new Tarte collection!

Hello, Beautiful!

Happy 4th of July!! Life is finally calming down on my end; not as much travel planned in the next week or so, but then my husband and I have our Cedar Point Amusement Park trip in less than 2 weeks! I'm super excited to have a trip alone with my husband but this will be the first time we're both away from our son, at the same time, for more than a few hours. Our son is 6, which means in the past 6 years we've never been away from him for more than maybe 8 hours by ourselves. The number of actual dates we've had alone is probably around 20 over the past 6 years, probably less! Our family all lives in another state, so we never get alone time. All our dates are either in our house after he goes to bed, or we bring him with us. I'm really going to soak in every second of time with my husband on our trip because alone time is rare!

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I decided to do another "Week Of" style posts, this time with Mally Beauty products! I hope to have it all ready to go within the next week, I just need to take some more swatch photos.

I LOVE me some Mally Beauty! I didn't realize how large my Mally collection has grown. I know I already posted some swatches of her stuff, but I'm going to re-do those swatches with my photography lighting. There are many products you haven't seen yet, which I'm excited to share too! Below is a list of most of the items you'll see in my Week of Mally Beauty; although judging by the number of products I have from her line it looks like I may be posting at least 2 times per day!

  • Volumizing Mascara
  • Evercolor Endless Eyeshadow
  • High Shine Liquid Lipstick (several shades)
  • Effortless Airbrush Blush & Highlighter
  • Visible Skin Bronzer
  • Perfect Prep Primer in Glow
  • Evercolor Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner (two shades)
  • Evercolor Starlight Liner
  • Ultimate Performance Full Coverage Foundation
  • Citychick Smokey Eye Kit
  • Eyeshadow singles
  • Blush singles
  • Poreless Perfection Skin Finisher (original)
  • Cancellation Concealer System
  • eyeshadow base
  • Citychick Double Liner
  • Water Resistant Cancellation Conditioning Concealer
  • brushes
  • cosmetic bags

Plus: Tarte came out with a new collection on QVC, and as soon as I receive it in the mail I will post swatches and my review on here. I should have it by Wednesday (although it will probably show up tomorrow, yay!), so look for that post by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July! It's raining here so we didn't go to fireworks :(

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