July 22, 2011

Mally Visible Skin Bronzer in Lighter: swatches & review

Hello, Beautiful!

I'm not a huge bronzer user, although I have several in my makeup collection. I've just never found one I was really in love with; one that looked good on my skin, didn't have shimmer or glitter, and that made a difference by offering a great shade for contouring. I never found it... until now!

Check out my pics, swatches, stats and review...

Mally Visible Skin Bronzer
Shade: Lighter
Shade Description: A matte (read: no-shimmer! woo hoo!) lighter shade bronzer.

Basic stats for Mally's Visible Skin Bronzer: 
Formula: a pressed powder
Coverage: sheer; buildable
Wear: average
Shade Range: available in Lighter and Deeper
Container: pink metal square compact; inside features a mirror on one side and the bronzer on the other
Cost: currently not available for individual purchase; can get this bronzer in the Mally Just Heaven kit on QVC - kit costs $81 regular QVC price.
Availability: only available on QVC's website in the Mally Just Heaven kit
My Rating: 4 out 5 kisses

This is a pressed-powder bronzer. What I love about it is this does NOT contain any shimmer, glitter or sparkle. This is a matte bronzer but it doesn't look muddy or dull. It goes on nicely and blends very easily. Very light weight.

It has good pigmentation for a bronzer; not too much but just the perfect amount to control the application. It goes on sheer, hence the "Visible Skin" part of the name, but you can certainly build it up for a deeper tanned look.

Average wear for a powder bronzer. Nothing to complain about.

Shade Range:
Currently only available in Lighter (which is the shade I own) and Deeper. Lighter is for Fair to Medium complexions. Deeper is for Medium to Deep complexions. Since I'm a medium complexion I was hesitant on which shade to choose but I'm happy with the Lighter shade which will work well when my tan goes away. For now, it blends in a little too well with my skintone but I actually really like it that way; it's more natural and adds just enough.

This comes in the typical pink metal square Mally packaging (and I love it), but I do have to complain that for the first time I had a really hard time opening this compact. I've read other reviews in the past on her other products of people not being able to open it, so they gave up and returned them. I never had that problem with any of her products until this one. Now that I'm using it more it's a lot easier to open but I did have to use tweezers to pop it open in the beginning, and sometimes even now.

Currently this product is not available for individual purchase. You can, however, get this product in the Mally Just Heaven 8-pc Brightening Collection on QVC.

This bronzer is really wonderful. It's nicely pigmented; not too much that you have to be careful with application, but just enough that you almost can't make a mistake when using this. There is absolutely no shimmer or glitter in this. It is matte, but it's not dull, muddy or orange. It's just... perfect!

I am pretty tan right now so I'm not using this as a bronzer per say, but I am using it for contouring.

This bronzer made me like bronzers again. I have been using it pretty often. I'd highly recommend checking this out the next time you're looking for a natural looking bronzer.

Now let me know what you think...
Do you own this bronzer? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, is this something you'd want to own?

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