July 5, 2011

MAC Face and Body Foundation: swatches, before & after pic, review

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I've wanted to try MAC's Face and Body Foundation for awhile now but never got around to it. I finally just asked my husband to stop by after work to pick it up for me (the MAC store is an hour away from our house, but is on his way home). I called ahead to give them a heads up he was coming in, what he was looking for and what shade he needed. They were great about that; he said as soon as he walked in they said to him "C3?" and he said "yup, that's what my wife told me to get". I have a good husband :)

Anyhow, onto swatches, a before & after pic and review...

MAC Face and Body Foundation
in the shade C3
Shade description: I normally wear NC30 or NC25 in their Studio Fix Fluid foundation; C3 was the shade recommended for me. I would say this shade if for light medium skin with yellow or golden undertones.

Before & After Pic using MAC's Face And Body Foundation in shade C3
* I applied this foundation using the e.l.f. Cosmetics Powder Brush (studio line) in circular motions to buff it in. Shown below before, after 1 layer and after 2 layers.

Basic stats for MAC Face and Body Foundation:
Formula: runny liquid
Coverage: sheer to light; buildable
Wear: long-wearing
Shade Range: 13 shades available on MAC's website
Container Type: squeeze bottle
Cost: $32.50 for 4 oz full size
Availability: at MAC store and on MAC's website
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

This is a water-based runny liquid foundation ideal for all skin types. Water-resistant and long-wearing. Contains emollients to help moisturize and condition your skin. Formulated for face and for body.

Sheer to light buildable coverage. You could build this up to a light medium coverage, but you'll likely need to pair with a concealer unless you have good skin. It will even out skintone and leave you with a natural finish.

This is a long-wearing formula that will get you through a normal day without any problems, unless you have oily skin then you may want to use a setting powder to prolong the wear and avoid makeup melt-down. I personally like to set this foundation because I don't feel like it ever fully dries on my skin and can slip around as the day goes on.

Shade Range:
13 shades available on MAC's website. Since this formula is so sheer it makes it easier to find a shade that will work for you. Just stick to the picking a "C" formula is you're normally an NC shade in MAC (warm undertones; yellow, olive, golden, beige) and stick to picking an "N" formula if you're normally an NW shade in MAC (cool undertones; red, pink, blue).

Container Type:
I don't like this container at all. Sure, you get a lot of product but you end up spilling out some of it! It's messy! The squeeze bottle just isn't practical for this runny of a liquid. I would prefer a pump top, but it's not the end of the world. It still works, just maybe a little messier than I'd prefer to handle.

At $32.50 you really are getting a steal considering how much foundation you receive. You get 4 ounces when a typical bottle of foundation is just 1 ounce. A great deal if you plan to use this on your body.

MAC Face and Body Foundation Review:
I like this foundation but I don't love this foundation for me. I think this is a great alternative to Make Up For Ever's Face & Body Liquid Foundation, if that's what you're looking for. They are comparable in price and coverage - but you get way more with MAC. But they aren't as comparable when it comes to wear; I find Make Up For Ever's version to wear much better (but I will do a full comparison of the two in a separate post).

This foundation goes on nicely and looks nice on your skin. For me this foundation doesn't stay on my skin well. It still transfers off pretty easily and doesn't wear as nicely as other foundations. If I don't set this with a setting powder of some sort then I know it's not going to last on my skin. That may not be the case for you; if you have normal or even combo skin you will likely have no issues at all. However, for my oily girls out there you may want to use a setting powder or some other powder on top to help prolong the wear.

Will I repurchase this in the future? Eh, it's possible but I doubt it. It wasn't a foundation that really stood out to me. I have other foundations I prefer to wear that give me better coverage and last way longer. Either way I'm glad I have it because I will use it from time to time. I haven't tried it out on my body yet, so that will be the next step.

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