July 24, 2011

Mally Citychick Smokey Eye Kit in Plum Chelsea: swatches & review

Hello, Beautiful!

I've reviewed and swatched this palette in the past, but I wanted to update the photos using my photography lighting.

Mally makes it easy for you to put together colors that look great together with her Citychick eye kits. This is one of her smokey eye kits in the shade Plum Chelsea, which features a shadow base and three beautiful shadows; a neutral and two purple-plum shades.

Check out pics, swatches, stats and my review...

Mally Citychick Smokey Eye Kit
Shade: Plum Chelsea
Shade Description: Base - a creamy shadow primer in a light nude tone. Browlighter - pinky nude champagne shimmer. Lidcolor - violet shimmer with a pink undertone. Crease - eggplant plum shimmer.

Basic stats for Mally's Citychick Smokey Eye Kit in Plum Chelsea:
Formula: one cream shadow base, three pressed powder shadows
Coverage: buildable
Wear: all-day wear when using the shadow base 
Shade Range: available in five separate palettes on QVC's website, or seven separate palettes on Mally's website
Container: a metal container; mirror on one side and shadows/shadow base on the other.
Cost: $39.50 each, which includes an eye liner and pouch, on QVC's website - or $40 each, which also include an eye liner, on Mally's website
Availability: Purchase on Mally's website or QVC's website
My Rating: 4 out of 5 kisses

Each palette contains one cream shadow base and three pressed powder shadows. The shadows are good quality and blend easily.

Shown above in the swatch photo is just one pass of color, giving you a nice wash of color. Continue to build the color until you reach your desired intensity. And remember, using her shadow base underneath will make the colors more vivid. Click here to see my old swatches of this palette showing each color at full intensity (without shadow base underneath).

These shadows will last all-day when you use her shadow base. Without the shadow base they will wear like normal, good-quality shadows.

Shade Range:
Seven different palettes to choose from on Mally's site. I want SoHo Silver and Skyscraper!

A metal container with a large mirror on one side and shadows on the other side.

$40 each on Mally's website. You can often find these palettes in some of her kits, which will save you money. Just search for them on QVC.

My Review:
This is a really nice palette, and I like to wear purples so I was happy to find this one in a kit awhile back. The shadow base is nice and does its job of holding shadows on and making the colors bolder. Although this is a nice palette I just haven't used it all that much. I really should because the colors are pretty, but for some reason I always forget I have it.

These palettes are great for people who aren't sure what colors go together and where to put them. Mally makes it easy.

Now let me know what you think...
Do you own this palette? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, is this something you'd want to own?

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