July 10, 2011

Benefit One Prime Day set sold at Sephora for just $10! Swatches & Review

Hello, Beautiful!

I recently made a purchase at Sephora and needed to add something to my cart to put me to the $50 total so I could get free shipping. I did a makeup search, price low to high, and saw this great Benefit $10 set called One Prime Day. I added it to my cart right away because I had wanted to try Benefit's POREfessional for awhile now (I have a mini Stay Don't Stray already and I have a sample care of "That Gal", but haven't tried it yet). I figured this was a great way to try them and have mini-sizes for travel. This is a really affordable set that works with just about every single person. Buy a few to use as gifts!

If you're interested in purchasing this set you can find it at Sephora and on Sephora's website for just $10!

This set includes (all mini/travel sized):
  • 0.25 oz "That Gal" - an $18.91 value
  • 0.25 oz POREfessional - a $9.33 value
  • 0.09 oz Stay Don't Stray - a $6.56 value (Sephora marked this size wrong on their website; the correct size is 0.09 oz.... or according to Benefit's website, they sell this mini size for $10 at $0.08 oz. Sephora has it marked as 0.9 oz; the full size isn't even that large - the full size is 0.33 oz)

I don't really understand how Sephora says the value is $28 because according to my math the value is actually higher, $34.80.

Anyhow, onto pics and swatches...

Now I'll break it down product by product. I will do separate reviews on each product at a later date.

Benefit "That Gal"
Description: A pink colored facial primer that makes skin appear smoother and brighter.

Benefit The POREfessional
Description: An oil-free silky, lightweight balm that minimizes the appearance of pores.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Description: A 360 degree primer for eyeshadow and concealer. Keeps your shadows on all day without creasing, shows their colors truer and brighter. Keeps concealer on all day without creasing. Brightens the eye area.


  1. LOL I love that your husband let you take a before/after! That's awesome. I was contemplating getting this, but hesitated because the only item I don't already have is the balm.. still might get it anyways because it's such a good price :)


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