July 20, 2011

NOTD: Cedar Point Leopard

Hello, Beautiful!

I'm back from my Cedar Point Amusement Park trip and wow, am I tired!!! I can't believe how big that park is, how much walking we did, and how much fun we had. The drive wasn't bad; about 6 and a half hours to get there and pretty much no traffic since we left at 3 in the morning. It was the same coming home, except we started our trip in a really bad storm and had to pull off the road for a little.

The little cottage on the lake we stayed at was awesome and worth every penny (although we still can't believe we paid that much for it). Even though Monday's weather was disappointing (three storms, closing rides at the park), we still had the best vacation ever; way better than Disney! I didn't want to leave and I want to go back tomorrow!

Even though I packed my nail supplies, and only packed my GOSH Holographic polish to wear on Monday, I never did my nails. I took a break from it and just continued to wear the same mani the entire trip. I only had a few chips and tip wear, but it otherwise stayed put. I did receive several compliments on my nails. I also took a break from blogging, even though I had posts ready to go. My husband convinced me to just "forget" about it for a couple of days. It was hard to do, but in the end I'm glad I was able to focus on just having fun!

Onto my Cedar Point nails, which I'm calling my Cedar Point Leopard...

To re-create this NOTD:
  1. 1 layer of Deborah Lippmann's Ridge Filler Base Coat
  2. 2 layers of Deborah Lippmann's polish in Lara's Theme
  3. 1 layer of Zoya's polish in Gabrielle
  4. 1 layer of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to make sure everything is nice and dry before doing the nail art (I waited 10 minutes before doing the leopard design).
  5. Using a dotting tool, apply random dots of yellow to your nails. I used Cosmetic Arts polish - which does not have a name, but could be Explosive.
  6. Using a small paint brush make black lines around the yellow dots and make other small black dots. I used Wet n Wild's Wild Shine polish in Black Creme.
  7. 1 layer of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to finish everything off.

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