July 6, 2011

Too Faced Naked Eye boxed palette: swatches & review

Hello, Beautiful!

After posting about this product in my June 2011 Favorites I received a few emails asking to dedicate a post just to this palette. Sure, no problem!  :)

I purchased this just a few months ago and have been using it pretty often; it even made the cut and was packed into my makeup train case (which I take on all trips, and I've been going back and forth to Pennsylvania a lot). I know that may not sound like a big deal, especially since a lot of people fit all their makeup into just one train case. But there is no way I could fit all my makeup in just one train case; I have several tall rolling drawer carts that are filled with makeup, plus bins of makeup that aren't in my personal stash (the bins of makeup are makeup I have but don't use and plan to blog sale it or give it away, but I still need to swatch some of them). Whenever I travel I always dread deciding on what makeup will come with me and what makeup will stay home. I take selecting makeup for trips pretty seriously; I don't want to forget anything but I also don't want to over pack and take too much, leaving little room for brushes and such. So yes, for me to say this makes it in my train case when I travel is a pretty big deal - especially because it takes up a good amount of space in my train case. Really though, I just need a bigger train case.

Anyhow, onto swatches and photos of this beautiful palette, followed by the stats and review! Enjoy!

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Too Faced Naked Eye boxed palette:
Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection




The three included eye looks:




The shadows in detail:



  • In The Buff: a matte ivory
  • Birthday Suit: a neutral beige with a hint of shimmer
  • Pink Cheeks: a matte pale pink
  • Pillow Talk: a matte light taupe
  • Like A Virgin: a matte muddy taupe
  • Satin Sheets: a golden pink shimmer
  • Unmentionables: a steel gray shimmer
  • Lap Dance: a silvery taupe shimmer (basically a better version of Like A Virgin)
  • Stiletto: a matte black




Basic stats for Too Faced Naked Eye boxed palette:
Formula: pressed powder shadows; really silky and smooth
Coverage: buildable; nicely pigmented
Wear: long-wearing
Shade Range: this palette containes 9 beautiful shades!
Container: boxed palette; pull-out drawer for included duo-ended brush; pull-out instruction cards
Cost: $35 to $36 for this palette ($35 at Sephora; $36 on Too Faced website)
Availability: buy this on Sephora's website or the Too Faced website
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Too Faced pressed powder shadows are really nice! They're silky smooth, go on evenly, blend beautifully, and are nicely pigmented.

Like almost all shadows, you can control how intense you apply the color depending on application method. They do have nice pigmentation to them, some more than others.

I find these shadows wear long on my eyes even without using a primer!

Shade Range:
Nine shades included in this palette that offer a wide range of looks and combo's that also pair nicely with other shadows not in this kit.

The boxed palette is cute, but I kind of wish it was in a thinner compact. The pull-out drawer is a cute touch, but I don't ever use it and it just gets in the way. I don't use the brush that was included in this palette, so the drawer than becomes completely useless for me. The only reason I wish the palette was thinner is because I like to bring this with me when I travel and it takes up a lot of space in my makeup train case. Otherwise I have no problems with the packaging.

For some reason this palette is $1 more if you purchased it direct from the Too Faced website. At Sephora it's just $35.

I love this palette! I can't stop using it!! As I type this I'm currently wearing the shades Satin Sheets, Lap Dance, and Unmentionables. I LOVE this palette! I'm generally not a neutral colors kind of girl, so at first glance some of these colors just seemed too boring for me, but they really are all beautiful. This palette has the perfect mix of soft shades and sultry shades.

I highly recommend this palette to anyone looking for a collection of shadows in a single palette that will help them create multiple, beautiful eye looks! I plan to buy more Too Faced boxed palettes in the future - I really want the Smokey Eye boxed palette!!!


Let me know what you think! Do you own this boxed palette or one of the other boxed palettes by Too Faced? Do you have any questions about this product? Leave me a comment or send me an email!



  1. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)

  2. Hi, I just purchased this from eBay and it look pretty similar in packaging but I have a few questions with the shadows themselves...
    1) my "Stiletto" looks rather a mute DARK grey than the matte black
    2) my "Birthday Suit" is more paler than yours.
    I noticed that the package said copyright 2010, so I thought these difference were just cause by how old the palette is, but know I'm having my doubts because of the difference between some of the colors and the way they swatch on my hand.....
    Thanks for you time, I really appreciate it.

  3. @ idkoc: I'm sorry if I didn't read your comment the right way, but I'm not really sure what you're asking. Can you please re-phrase/re-ask?

    Are you worried the one you purchased from eBay may not be the real deal? I purchased mine from Sephora, so I know the one I have is the real deal. I haven't heard of any knock-offs for this palette, but it's possible.

    I did do a quick search on eBay for this palette and I see someone selling one that could be a knock off. The colors look off and the packaging even looks off. It's possible you have a knock-off. I really hope that isn't the case. It's also possible the person selling it just has a few that are defected from the manufacturer, and therefore didn't make it into stores like Sephora and can be sold for less than retail price.


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