March 4, 2011

Worst. Surgery. Pain. Ever.

Hello, Beautiful!

Wow... I had NO idea how bad the chin augmentation would hurt. Seriously, my nose isn't in that much pain in comparision to my chin. I think all the skin stretching on my neck and chin is causing tons of pain - not to mention all the swelling.

I have no feeling in my lower lip, so I had to switch to a liquid pain medication since trying to swallow a pill, or even a piece of a pill, is nearly impossible having no feeling in my lower lip. Plus, I can barely open my mouth. My doc said the feeling in my lip could come back in a few days, a week or two or even a month! I couldn't image waiting a month! He says the nerve endings will re-grow there, but the amount he had to sever to put the implant in would for sure cause numbness in my lips/upper chin.

My nose... well the worse part is proably not being able to blow my nose, even though I have the biggest urge to do so. The dried up blood is painful to remove, so I pretty much work on it little by little throughout the day.

My doc said my nose was one of the worst noses he's ever seen, and he's seen a lot of bad noses. He said there were so many broken pieces in the nose and when he was shaving down the bump on my nose it was just crumbling. The good thing is they had just enough cartlidge from my nose so they didn't have to use any from my ears, and they also didn't have to break my nose, which is why the pain in my nose isn't too bad.

I was at the doc yesterday for my post-op (the day after surgery) and I go back on Monday to have the splints taken out of my nose. I am NOT looking foward to it. It was SO uncomfortable yesterday with just a small amount of clean up around my nose. I can't image how bad it will be to have the splints out and then the stitches, whenever they come out.

I just wish I could re-gain feeling in my lip so I can swallow pills again. The liquid pain meds taste terrible, and so does the antibiotic - which I had to open the capsule and mix it in with apple juice and squirt it down my throat - YUCK! But I know it's important.

I haven't eaten anything yet - but I'm trying some protein shakes. I have no appetite and honestly have no idea how I'm going to eat anythig considering I can't feel my bottom lip.

I'll update you all more on my progress soon, along with pics. But right now I need to take my pain meds and get back to the couch... this hurts :(


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are in that much pain :(
    I really hope you have a very speedy recovery. Not feeling your lip must really suck.
    Take care! xx

  2. That sounds horribly painful, I hope you'll feel better soon!

  3. Thank you everybody for your well wishes! It means a lot to me! :)

  4. Ah, I bet you were pretty anyway.


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