March 15, 2011

Mally Beauty - Volumizing Mascara: Swatches, Before & After, Review

Hello, Beautiful!

I love Mally Beauty products, and her Volumizing Mascara is one of my favorite products from her line! I fell in love with this mascara after swearing off other brands for the longest time. I had been using Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash Mascara, which I still love and still use, but I find myself using Mally's Volumizing Mascara far more often!

I do run into some issues with clumping, but it gradually happens. What I mean by that is at first there won't be any clumps (like most mascaras) but the closer it gets to that 3-month point (when I replace my mascara) the more I have to deal with clumps. Although it's not a big enough issue where I don't like using this mascara. It's something easily fixed, especially with a lash brush, and I would put up with a few clumps to have the beautiful results from this mascara! I love this mascara!

You can purchase Mally Beauty's Volumizing Mascara on QVC's website for $20. Or, and what I suggest doing instead, pick up a two-pack on QVC's website for $28. You should replace your mascara every 3 months anyway, so having a back up (that you only paid an extra $8 for) is a very smart idea!

Here's what it looks like:
(my tube is a little messy, sorry!)

Here is what the brush looks like:

Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara
(this only comes in black, so I didn't bother to list the shade name)
Shade Description: An intense, rich black with a little glossy shine.

My Before & After:

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  1. WOW your lashes look stunning! I have this mascara - and I too, have long thick lashes like yourself but my outcome isn't the same. How do you like to apply this mascara?

  2. @ Anonymous: I apply this like all my other mascaras. I just start at the base, wiggle, and swipe upwards. I do two coats without allowing the coats to dry in between.

    I actually have updated before & after pics, which I took a few months ago, but I never made the post. I guess I should get around to that!


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