March 11, 2011

Victoria's Secret Shimmer Lights Eye Kit: Swatches & Review

Hello, Beautiful!

Not too long ago I picked up the Victoria's Secret Shimmer Lights Eye Kit. For just $15 I thought it was a good bargain. They had two eye kits available, but I liked this one better (although I'm sure I'll buy the other one at some point).

Here's what it looks like on the front:

When you flip it open it shows a tutorial:

Here's what it looks like on the inside:

Unfortunately the eyeshadows, highlighter and gel eye liner do not have shade names.
The eyeshadows are mostly in the violet family, but include some brown/champagne tones.
The cream highlighter is a beautiful highlight shade; a warm pink champagne.
The gel eye liner is black.

So what do I think?

I like this palette! For $15 I think I'm getting a lot of use from it. I like the cream highlighter, which I use on the inner corners of my eyes and under my brow bone. It's also great as an eyeshadow for a bright, wide-awake look to your eyes.

The eyeshadows are nice. Some have better pigmentation than others, but all around really useful and in shades I really like. Out of the six shadows my favorites are the bottom two.

I haven't used the gel eyeliner yet, but when swatching it I found it had a nice creamy consistency but it didn't seem very dense so I'd probably only use it as a liner on your upper lash line. I don't think it would hold up on the inner rim of the eye at all, but without actually trying it I can't say for sure if it will or not.

Overall I would highly recommend this $15 palette! Especially if you receive a $10 rewards card, which makes this just $5!

You can pick up this palette at Victoria's Secret or on their website for $15. You can also check out the other $15 palette they offer, which is their Bronze Tropics Eyes Kit.

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