March 20, 2011

Mally Beauty -- Blush -- Swatches & Review of two shades (Mally's Glow, Plum Pretty)

Hello, Beautiful!

Mally Beauty is quickly becoming one of my favorite makeup brands. Her powder blushes are one of my favorites that I own. They're well pigmented, silky smooth, and look great on. The colors are wearable, not in-your-face. I don't wear a lot of blush because of my acne (my cheeks are usually red to begin with and I don't want to draw more attention there), but when I do wear blush I like to reach for one of Mally's blushes.

You can purchase one of Mally Beauty's Blushes on QVC's website for $18 each (although both of my blushes were acquired from kits I purchased).

Mally Beauty Blush
Shade: Mally's Glow
Shade Description: A warm pink with a satin finish.

Mally Beauty Blush
Shade: Plum Pretty
Shade Description: A rosy plum with a satin finish. It goes on lighter than it looks in the compact.

Have questions about these blushes? Just leave a comment on this blog post or send an email ( I'll try and answer all questions asked.

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