March 6, 2011

Laura Geller The Real Deal Foundation in Medium: Swatches, Before & After, and Review

Hello, Beautiful!

Like I've said before, I either love a Laura Geller product or I hate a Laura Geller product. It's never in between, and I'm sad to say that I hate this Laura Geller product!

This cream foundation comes in a stick form:

Close up of the color:

Laura Geller The Real Deal Foundation in Medium

My Before & After

I really liked Laura Geller's Real Deal Concealer, so when I heard there was a Real Deal Foundation I had to get it! I was so excited to try this out but really disappointed with the results.

The coverage level is decent, not full coverage. It's close, but not totally full coverage. But the most disappointing thing is the finish to this. It's very noticeable on your skin, it shows off every dry spot and flake, and it never sets to a powder (at least not on my face). This is an oil-free product, but it sure doesn't feel that way. If you have combo dry/oily skin or just oily skin then I would suggest you skip this one.

The shade selection is a bit limiting with just 5 options. I picked Medium, although it's a little light for me but can still work (but not in the summer).

Would I buy this again? NO! But it doesn't mean this foundation won't work for you; you have to try it out and see how it works on your skin.

I picked this up on for $25.86

Have you tried this foundation? If so, did you like it?


  1. I have similar problems with my skin so probably I wont be buying this one

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her products. Anyone who doesnt is completely absurd.

  3. @ Anonymous: I like Laura's products too, but this one didn't work for me and for a lot of people as well. Her Real Deal Concealer is another story, but this foundation stick was a fail for my skin type.


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