March 5, 2011

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long-Lasting Foundation: Swatches, Review, Before & After

Hello, Beautiful!

I've had this Bobbi Brown foundation for several months and just recently started to use it. The coverage level isn't totally there for what I need, so I think that's why it just sat in my makeup drawer, but I still really like this foundation and can get away with wearing it under something else (like Bare Minerals), or just use a great concealer with it.

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It comes in a glass container with a pump:
[my foundation is messy, so I'm sorry for that]

Bobby Brown Natural Finish Long-Lasting Foundation in Warm Beige 3.5

My Before & After
[yes, my skin is horrible]

This foundation is called "Natural Finish" for a reason; it really does give you a natural finish. The foundation melts into your skin, making it nearly undetectable - even in direct sunlight! There is a really great range of shades (18), so you should not have a hard time finding a great skin match.

It goes on nicely too and does last a decent amount of time, which says a lot considering most foundations go away within a couple of hours due to my oily skin.

The coverage level for this can be sheer to medium, depending on how you apply it. As you can see from the Before & After photo above, the coverage level is not enough for me, but it helps out greatly. I like this foundation so much that I will work with it so I'm able to wear it. You can layer this foundation without any problems, which is something I usually do on my cheeks and middle of my forehead just to get better coverage. The way I applied it in the "After" photo above is just using my fingers, no layering. However, I prefer to use a flat foundation brush - like my MAC 190 - to apply this foundation. Any way you choose to apply this (sponge, fingers, flat foundation brush, stippling brush, etc.) you'll be just fine.

Overall I would highly recommend this!

I picked this foundation on up for $45

Do you own this foundation? If so, please let me know what you think!


  1. Hi. Just bought this foundation today but.......I didn't bother reading the ingredients list--which I should have.
    The second ingredient listed is alcohol!!! This worries me as alcohol is very irritating for skin. I don't know what to do--return or not return???

  2. @ Roselyn: Alcohol doesn't irritate my skin, but if you have issues with it then I would definitely return it. This is a nice foundation but there are other options out there.

  3. I am about to buy this bobbi brown foundation next week, I will let you guys know how I got on.

    My skin tone is fair, my skin type is combination (I have oily parts around nose cheeks and t-zone, but some dry patches aswell at times depending on the weather) and I have a few spots like any girl, no bad acne or problems.

    I am moving abroad to hot sunny Malta, so my skin will tend to be more oily and I want a light yet long lasting coverage with a matte yellow tone, so with all the reviews and info, I came to the conclusion of THIS foundation. Time will tell, I will keep you guys updated :)

    Kim Michaela

  4. Well guys I bought the foundation in Warm Sand !

    It is definately a light to medium coverage. Feels very nice on skin very silky skin its asif the skin just absorbes it slightly. Creates a smoothe effect. Semi matte finish. Definately a great product for sensitive skin like mine, no breakouts!!!!

    I do still use a coverstick for my red blemishes and a light dust of powder on top of this foundation to seal it nicely.

    Overall I am happy, good quality stuff !

    Long lasting ! After i go to the gym still have a fairly good coverage !


    Kim Michaela


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