March 7, 2011

Benefit Moon Beam: Swatches, Review and Tutorial

Hello, Beautiful!

If you've ever been interested in highlighting your face (just for a highlight or paired with contouring), you may have run across two great products by Benefit: Benefit Moon Beam (shown in this post) and Benefit High Beam (shown in another post, which you can check out by clicking here).

Benefit's Moon Beam and Benefit's High Beam are great highlighters for all skin types and undertones. Although depending on your skin shade and undertones you may prefer one over the other. If you only buy one, consider the following starting point...
  • Benefit Moon Beam: Has iridescent golden undertones, giving you a warmer highlight. I would recommend Moon Beam for someone with medium to deep skin tones, and/or those that have olive, yellow and/or golden undertones.
  • Benefit High Beam: Has luminescent pink undertones, giving you a cooler highlight. I would recommend High Beam for someone with fair to medium skin tones, and/or those that have pink/red or neutral undertones.
Remember, that's just a starting point and not the final say as to who should use which one. I personally have used Benefit's Moon Beam far longer than the High Beam, as I feel it compliments my skintone better than Benefit's High Beam. But since I do own both now I make them both work; I use Benefit's Moon Beam all over and Benefit's High Beam on the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone.

Now I'll focus on Benefit's Moon Beam...

Benefit's Moon Beam is a liquid highlighter that can be used a few ways. It comes in a glass jar with a brush built into the cap, all similar to a nail polish bottle:

Benefit Moon Beam
Shade Description: A golden iridescent shimmer.

Blended out...

I love this highlighter! It's one of my favs that I go back to time and time again. It goes on nicely, blends out beautifully and gives you a beautiful iridescent shimmer anywhere you apply it.

You can pick this up for $24 at or

You can use Benefit's Moon Beam in a few ways. Read over the tutorials below to see which way you may prefer.

Apply Benefit's Moon Beam as an All-Over Face Highlighter:
  1. Apply small dots of Benefit's Moon Beam to your face, as shown below on the face chart by the pink dots. A little goes a long way; you can always add more product if you feel you need to later. You can apply this directly from the brush that's built into the jar cap, or you can put some on the back of your hand and apply dots with your pinky.
  2. Blend out the dots by lightly tapping them into your skin and spreading them out. You can also "drag" the product instead of tapping it out.
TIP: Apply before foundation for a subtle highlight (apply after your moisturizer and/or primer; this should be the step right before your foundation).
TIP: Apply after foundation for a more intense highlight. If you use a powder foundation (loose powder or pressed powder) you will want to apply this product before you apply your foundation, as liquids don't play well when applied on top of powder.

Mix Benefit's Moon Beam in With Your Liquid Foundation:
  1. Apply some of your liquid foundation on the back of your hand or in a clean paint palette.
  2. Add several drops of Benefit's Moon Beam into your liquid foundation, or around it.
  3. Mix together the two products.
  4. Apply your foundation as normal.
TIP: This method gives you an all-over iridescent shimmer. Depending on how much Moon Beam you add you may have a very subtle, barely there shimmer or it could be more intense.

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