March 13, 2011

March Birchbox! 2011

Hello, Beautiful!

March's Birchbox shipment has arrived! Only one makeup item (a lip balm) in this month's shipment, but still a decent shipment to receive. Continue reading for details on everything in this month's shipment.

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*** Before I continue, if you don't know what Birchbox is then you really should check out their website. You pay $10 a month (or you can sign up for a year and get a slight discount). Each month you're sent between 4 and 6 deluxe samples of various products from various brands. You do not receive any full sized products, but you can buy the full sized versions from Birchbox (you earn points for doing so).

Okay, onto March's Birchbox shipment...

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Here is what March's box looks like:

The included info card:

Now I'll break it down product by product...

Blow, Blow Up Thickening Mist
Description: Limp hair meets its match with this lightweight volumizing spray. Spritz before or after blow drying for fuller, voomier hair.
Sample Size: 2 fl oz / 60 ml
Full Size: 8.5 oz @ $21
Sample Size Value: $4.94

Pangea Organics Lip Balm: Italian Red Mandarin With Rose
Description: Made with organic essential oils, beeswax, and vitamins, this uncommonly moisturizing lip balm soothes even the driest pout.
Sample Size: this is a FULL SIZED product
Full Size: 0.25 oz @ $12
Sample Size Value: $12

Pangea Organics Egyptian Geranium Scrub
Description: This dual action scrub polishes the skin's surface without disrupting its delicate balance. Food based enzymes team up with manual exfoliants to deliver a clear, fresh, glowing complexion.
Sample Size: 0.07 fl oz / 2 ml
Full Size: 3.8 fl oz @ $32
Sample Size Value: $0.59

Pomega5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate
Description: Apply this pomegranate oil-packed treatment morning and night for smoother, brighter, healthier skin.
Sample Size: 4 ampoules
Full Size: 30 ampoules @ $48
Sample Size Value: $6.40

Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste
Description: Imported from Italy, this is the most luxurious toothpaste you'll ever try - the crisp mint flavor lingers all day to keep your breath sweet.
Sample Size: 0.5 oz / 10 ml
Full Size: 75 ml @ $10.50
Sample Size Value: $1.40

Brow Brush: A Birchbox Treat
Description: Use this brush to comb your arches into place - you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

There was also a card in the shipment for a free music download from someone named Oh Land, a danish pop star.

Total Sample Size Value of March 2011 Birchbox shipment: $25.33!

So far, out of three shipments, this shipment has the lowest value. Still, considering you only pay $10 it's still a great savings and a great way to try out products.

Based on the items I received, which ones will I actually use?
I'm most excited about the Blow thickening mist. I intend to try it out the very next time I blow dry my hair (which will probably be today). I've heard of the brand but haven't used anything from them yet so I was very pleased to see that brand and that particular product in this month's shipment.

The lip balm is nice because it's full sized. I haven't used it yet because it has a very strong smell. It's a nice smell, but at the same time it's not. It has some kind of smell in it that I don't like... something grandma-ish. The smell alone gave me an instant headache and I'm not sure I can get past that enough to actually use it.

As a bonus, they threw in a mini sample of Pangea Organics Egyptian Geranium Scrub. I want to use it, but I haven't opened it to smell it. Since the lip balm had such a strong fragrance I'm assuming the face scrub won't be any different. If it doesn't have a strong fragrance then I will use this.

The toothpaste I probably won't use. I'm weird about toothpaste and hate switching. I know, that's a stupid reason to not try it but I'm odd like that. Although, actually, I'll probably put it in my emergency purse kit to have on hand in the event I forget my toothpaste on a trip. It does smell good! My husband said he'll try it, so it will get used one way or another. And who knows, maybe I'll end up trying it and loving it!

This month was another product from Pomega5. Last month it was their Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer, which I still haven't used. I like the idea of the ampoules, but since I already have oily-skin I wonder if they will be any help or if they'll just cause more issues. I will try these at some point.

Then there is the Birchbox Treat they included, which is a brow brush. This will go straight to my "giveaway" pile because I personally would never use it. It's really basic and junky. It's just one of those one-time-use mascara wands, but Birchbox is calling it a brow brush. Either way, I don't have much use for this but maybe someone else will get some use from it (which is why I won't just throw it out; I'd rather pass it on).

And the music download... honestly I probably won't get around to this. It just doesn't interest me enough to take the time to download it.

So there you have it. March's shipment... probably my least favorite out of all three shipments. Let's hope next month will be a better one!

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