December 8, 2011

POP Clip-In Long Braid 16" in Midnight Brown/Dark Brown -- pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I've been experimenting with some clip-in extensions lately. I have a few different ones to show you, but in this post I'll start by showing you a simple braided clip-in: POP Clip-In Long Braid 16" in the shade Midnight Brown/Dark Brown. I actually wear this two ways, and I'll show you both ways in photos below.

POP Clip-In Long Braid 16"
Shade: Midnight Brown/Dark Brown



Shown in the two photos below: braid is just clipped in and hanging down with the rest of my hair.
(the blue in my hair is my real hair, which I dye blue)

I also like to wear it headband style; I just clip it in like normal, then take the end and wrap it over top and secure with a bobby pin, hiding it behind my other hair.

Basic stats for POP Clip-In Long Braid 16":
Cost/Availability: $9.00 (1 piece). Available on,,, and at many other retailers. Click here for a list of online retailers, or Click here to find a retailer near you.
Details: heat-friendly, Tru2Life 100% polyester fiber made in Japan
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

$9.00 (1 piece). Available on, and at many other retailers. Click here for a list of online retailers, or Click here to find a retailer near you.

Heat-friendly, Tru2Life 100% polyester fiber made in Japan. Can be worn with your hair down, half up, in a ponytail, or like I do and wear it headband style. You may even find other ways to use this piece.

POP Clip-In Long Braid 16" Review:
This is such an easy piece to use. It truly couldn't be easier; just clip it in with the pressure-sensitive clip and you're good to go. I have very fine, thin hair and I have no issues hiding the fact this is an extension. The color, Midnight Brown/Dark Brown, isn't an exact match for my hair color but then again I have a mix of medium and dark brown, as well as blue in my hair. I think Chestnut may possibly be a better match but without seeing it in person I don't know how light brown it may be. As you can see in the photos, the Midnight Brown/Dark Brown still works great for me.

There are a total of four shades available; for blondes there is the shade Golden Wheat. For brunettes there is Chestnut and Midnight Brown. There is also a shade called Buttered toast, which is for blonde highlighted hair or dirty blonde hair. There isn't a shade for red heads, at least not yet. I'm sure if the demand is there new shades will be added. I'm not sure if you could use hair dye on this piece, but that's something you can look into if you're interested in exact matching.

I like to wear this braid when my hair looks boring and simple (yes, even with blue hair it sometimes can look boring, lol). Wearing it headband style is one of my favorite ways to wear it. I know they make actual braided headbands, but I don't have one of those and I get double-duty from this single strand.

When I'm not using this piece I keep it in a zip-lock bag and it stays perfect. I don't need to clean it just yet, but it is easy to clean (instructions in one of the photos above).

For $9 this is a great and easy way to add a little something, something to your hair. I recommend checking it out and picking up one or two.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this clip-in braid? Would you wear this? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Looks cool! I really like the head band idea. I don't think I'd use it though b/c my hair is SUPER long. I might try the head band idea with my own hair though. Great post =)

  2. it seems look great, and really use this in multipurpose. wow... i personally prefer to buy in some different funky color... :)

  3. waaa....make me want to have one!!

  4. It looks cool. I like the headband idea, but i´m not sure I would purchase this.

  5. You have blue hair? This is so cool ;)

  6. @ MissDoll: lol, yes. I added some blue highlights to my hair back in September at a salon after many failed attempts at home. I go every 4 to 6 weeks to get a color re-touch, but I just purchased the same hair dye they use on me so I'll be trying it at home this next time around. Not sure how long I'll keep the blue; some days I want my brown hair back, other days I fully rock the blue. It just depends. I sometimes feel a little old for it (I'll be 28 in April), but eh, whatever :)

  7. You should know by now that age is irrelevant, the only thing that matter is how do you fell ;)


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