December 6, 2011

Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss in Gorgeous -- swatches, pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Every time I go to Wal-Mart I always stroll through the beauty section to see if there's anything new or on sale. The Hard Candy display always catches my attention, even though a lot of it seems to be marketed towards teens and those in their younger 20's. I'm still a glitter-aholic at heart, so Hard Candy makeup still appeals to me (and I remember when Hard Candy used to be sold in department stores; I still have some of those old eyeshadow quartlets). Their Glossaholic Lip Gloss has been a product that I've almost purchased a number of times, but would always put it back at the last second. Well I finally decided to purchase one, in the shade Gorgeous, and I don't think I'll be purchasing anymore of the Hard Candy Glossaholic lip glosses.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats and review...

Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss
Shade: Gorgeous
Shade Description: A sheer mid-tone warm pink with golden flakie glitter.


To show the size of the doe-foot applicator...

Basic stats for Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss:
Formula: liquid gloss with flakies
Coverage: sheer
Wear: average
Shade Info: 8 shades shown on the Hard Candy website; 7 available on Wal-Mart's website; not sure how many were at my local Wal-Mart (most were sold out)
Cost/Availability: $5.00 (0.38 oz full size). Available at Wal-Mart store locations and on Wal-Mart's website.
Packaging: jumbo rounded tube; twist-off cap; jumbo doe-foot applicator
My Rating: 3 out of 5 Kisses

This gloss is very glossy on your lips, and not too sticky at all. Infused with prisms of color that make lips appear fuller and plumper. Two of the Glossaholic sparkling clear top coats are infused with mood altering elixirs to help you chill out or rise & shine (although I haven't tried those).

Sheer color but lots of shine. I don't know how the coverage is of other shades; may get better color pay off from some of the brighter shades.

Average gloss wear; the flakies stick around longer than the gloss.

Shade Info:
8 shades shown on the Hard Candy website; 7 available on Wal-Mart's website; not sure how many were at my local Wal-Mart (most were sold out). I picked the shade Gorgeous because it looked like a great mid-tone, warm pink but the color pay-off just isn't there.

$5.00 (0.38 oz full size). Available at Wal-Mart store locations and on Wal-Mart's website.

Jumbo rounded tube with twist-off cap. This gloss has a jumbo doe-foot applicator, which I actually don't like. I did a comparison of this doe-foot applicator next to a Smashbox lip gloss doe-foot applicator. You can see how jumbo sized it really is. While yes, it will cover your lips in one dip, the application just seems a bit silly with the size of the doe-foot. However, I've seen other glosses (even one from Smashbox) that had that giant applicator; I hope it's not a sign of what's to come.

Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss Review:
I rated this lip gloss a 3 out of 5 kisses because it just didn't wow me, but I don't totally dislike it either. It's not an awful lip gloss, because it does give your lips tons of shine and the flakies in the formula are unique and pretty (it would make a gorgeous nail polish color, by the way). But the color pay-off is terrible, at least with the shade Gorgeous. It doesn't show up at all on my lips the way I thought; it comes across much lighter and definitely sheer. When you go to take off this lip gloss the flakies don't want to come off. They'll stick around as long as freakin possible. It's annoying.

The formula isn't very moisturizing and didn't feel all that comfortable on my lips. It was okay, but nothing that made me want to re-apply. You can't really feel the flakies on your lips, which is something I was worried about at first. The scent is very yummy if you're into the sweeter/bakery smelling type of glosses. To me it smells sort of like a vanilla cupcake.

The reason I rated this gloss a 3 is because I will use this as a top-coat gloss. The flakies are beautiful and I can see this over a number of lipsticks and even other glosses to add great shine and dimension. But it just wasn't a gloss that I went crazy for (like the Tarina Tarantino Gem Gloss in Neon Vanity), so I don't have any plans to buy additional shades. Although if I did, I'm learning that when it comes to Hard Candy lip products you should always choose the brightest looking shades because they have come across very sheer on me.

Not a gloss I would recommend to wear on its own, but it is a cheap gloss to use as a pretty top coat.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this lip gloss? What about the shade? Have you tried this yet? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I think the flakies look really great in the lipgloss! :D But it definitely looks so much more opaque in the tube.

  2. I really love the flakies in the Glossaholic glosses!

  3. Thanks for the review! I have been wondering if the flakies stick around longer than the gloss, and you have confirmed that they, in fact, do! I will probably pick a few of these up, only because I don't know of any other lip gloss that has flakies! Perhaps HC should start putting flakies in their polish as well =)

  4. @ Jacqui: I agree, I don't know of any other glosses that have flakies. I'd love to see HC polishes with flakies!

  5. This looks like it tastes yummy :3


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