February 20, 2011

Sparkle-icous Shoes (yes, just like the OPI Sparkle-icous Polish)

Hello, Beautiful!

A few months ago (I think it was October or November) I was shopping at TJ Maxx and came across a pair of heels that, when I saw them, made me squee in happiness. Without hesitation, or concern for price, I snatched them up and ran to the checkout line. My husband looked at me in that, you're-doing-something-crazy-again, right?, type of look. He knows my obsession wtih sparkly, glittery things and when he saw the shoes he knew exactly why I liked them. He knew that the glitter color of these shoes looked identical to OPI's Sparkle-icious polish from the Burlesque collection.

Sparkle-icous just happens to be one of my all-time favorite shades of nail polish. The sparkle this polish brings is mesmerizing. I catch myself staring at my nails whenever I wear this shade, getting lost in the sparkly goodness. When I saw a pair of glittery heels in the same shade I knew I had to have them. They were the only pair in the entire store, and they just happened to be my size (well, a half size bigger but this pair fit perfectly). It's like, at that moment, they were made just for me.

I wanted to run home and paint my nails with Sparkle-icous, put on the heels and walk around in the sunlight enjoying all the sparkle. Then take pictures to show you all how close in color they are and tell you to run out to your TJ Maxx to find your own pair of Sparkle-icous heels. However, my busy schedule took over and months went by before I was able to pair the two for some photos.

Here are the shoes:

*click on an image to view it larger *

Madden Girl Women's Atonee Platform Pump

(I paid $29.99, but the tag says they retailed for $58)

And here they are compared to OPI's Sparkle-icious polish:

I had to add some blur shots to show the colors in the sparkle from both the polish and the heels:

I also have swatches of OPI's Sparkle-icous on this beauty blog, which you can check out by clicking here.

If you do happen to like these heels I did see another pair at my TJ Maxx just a week or two ago (not in my size this time). They could have them at your local TJ Maxx, so next time you're there stop by the shoe section and try on some Sparkle-icious heels :)


  1. Sigh...only if my TJmaxx had a pair of these in my size.


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