February 10, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Nail Polish Swatches (6 shades)

Hello, Beautiful!

Today I'm listing swatches of the six shades of Nina Ultra Pro nail lacquer that I own. Enjoy!

* click on an image to view it larger *

In A Tiff (709537)
Shade Description: A beautiful "Tiffany's" blue creme with subtle shimmer. One of my favorite shades of all time!

Purple-Xing (709524)
Shade Description: An opaque purple glitter that has some holo glitter pieces.

Blue Blaze (709514)
Shade Description: A sheer bold blue that has a flat, matte finish. But add a top coat and BAM! A beautiful bold blue that makes me happy when I wear it!

Sailor (709513)
Shade Description: A deep navy creme.

Punki Purple (709516)
Shade Description: A sheer fuchsia neon that dries to a flat, matte finish. Add a topcoat and BAM! A shiny beautiful neon fuchsia! This color is more purple in person (it looks pinker in the swatch photos).

Tangerine Dream (709536)
Shade Description: A bright tangerine orange creme.

*As always: All swatches are shown with 2 coats. Only one photo shows the polish with a top coat (the last photo), as I feel top coats make all shades look better; some top coats even save a horrible shade and transform it into something beautiful. I want to show the colors for what they are and what they could be when you apply a top coat. *

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