February 19, 2011

Claire's Designer Eyes makeup kit: Swatches & Review (pic heavy)

Hello, Beautiful!

On a recent trip to the mall I stopped into Claire's to see if they had any new shades of nail polish (they didn't) but the lady did tell me to check out the back of the store because all their redline merchandise was just 10 for $10! Before heading back I asked "Is there any nail polish back there?", to which she replied "I think there is a green shade or something". Okay, that's enough to get me back there, although I hate going through that store - it's so crammed and impossible to go through the "isles", if they can call them that, especially with bags in your hand and trying to lead a 5 year old through the store without him knocking things over from trying to hold onto your hand and stay right next to you.

But it was worth it. The amount of items they had in their redline clearance section was really great - it was nearly the entire back of the store. I picked up 20 things in the 10 for $10 section, although really I could have bought more.

One of my better finds was the Claire's Designer Eyes makeup kit, which I originally thought was some sort of note book or binder. This makeup kit is large in size, and originally priced at $30. I got it for just $1! I ended up buying two (they had four) because the other two had really broken shadows in them, otherwise I probably would have bought them all and gave them away on this blog.

Although I've never shopped at Claire's for their makeup, I did end up really liking some of the shades this kit contained. I even used some of them already and I actually like them. Either way, even if I hated them, for just a dollar I didn't have a whole lot to lose.

Onto the swatches and reviews of each product...

* click on an image to view it larger *

Here is what it looks like on the outside:

And what it looks like on the inside:

Close-up's of the four eye tutorials:

Eyeshadow Bases:
Review: I don't really like these just based on their texture (they're a bit greasy and cheap). I think they'd work okay in a pinch, but they're not a shadow primer I would gravitate towards (I'll stick with Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion). I would rather use these as a cream shadow if I had to use them at all.

Shade Description: A very sheer white shimmer.

Shade Description: A sheer champagne nude shimmer.

Shade Description: A sheer peachy shimmer.

Powder Eyeshadows:
Review: I have to admit, I really like a lot of these. Some have good pigmentation, while others are rather sheer and would require a lot of layers to get a good color pay off. I love the first two rows of shadows. The third row (which have the most colorful shadows) are not my style and actually swatch a bit dull. If I say something is a shimmer in the shade description, but the swatch doesn't look like there is any shimmer it's because it swatched dull. In person, looking at the shadow in the kit, it has shimmer (they all do), but like I said, some just swatched dull, dull, dull!

Moon Dust
Shade Description: In person this is more of a pale champagne shimmer, but in swatch photos it looks like a white/silver shimmer. Either way, it's one of my favorite shades of the whole kit!

Pinky Swear
Shade Description: A warmed toned pink champagne shimmer.

Shade Description:  A silver beige shimmer.

Semi Sweet
Shade Description: A pale copper brown shimmer.

Toasted Chestnut
Shade Description: A chocolate brown shimmer.

Shade Description: A silver shimmer.

Shade Description: A copper brown shimmer.

Shade Description: A silver gray shimmer.

Nearly Night
Shade Description: A navy blue shimmer.

Secret Service
Shade Description: A charcoal black shimmer.

Makeup Addict
Shade Description: A primary yellow shimmer.

Mix Master
Shade Description: A vibrant violet purple shimmer.

Shade Description: A vibrant blue shimmer.

Sweet Stiletto
Shade Description: A vibrant pink shimmer.

Shade Description: A "St. Patty's Day" green with shimmer.

Cream (glitter) Shadows:
Review: I didn't like these. They first appeared to be full of glitter, and I thought they'd be a fun option to use around Halloween. However, once swatched I realized they are all glitter just on the top. Underneath they are nothing but a shimmery cream shadow. Probably the only one that has the most glitter throughout is Shiny Disco Ball. All the others turn into a non-glitter cream shadow. I may use these in the future, but it wouldn't be for an actual makeup look; it would be for a face painting look on my nieces or someone else.

Shiny Disco Ball
Shade Description: A semi-clear white shimmer.

All That Sparkles
Shade Description: A silver gray shimmer.

Sun Beam
Shade Description: A gold shimmer.

Shade Description: A fuchsia pink shimmer.

Rock It
Shade Description: A vibrant aqua blue shimmer.

Review: The glitter mascara is decent and I may use that around Halloween, but the black mascara was so dry and useless! I haven't actually tried out either on my own lashes, but I highly doubt the black mascara will ever get used except for swatch purposes.

Clear Glitter Mascara
Shade Description: A silver glitter in a clear base.

Black Mascara
Shade Description: Black.

Review: These are really not worth even trying to make useful. The silver barely shows up, and the black isn't that intense. Both are dry and rather difficult to apply (even in a swatch). These go to the trash pile!

Shade Description: A barely there silver.

Shade Description: Black.

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