February 18, 2011

Victoria's Secret Sparkling Lip Gloss in Halo: Swatches & Review

Hello, Beautiful!

Victoria's Secret has a new lip gloss out: The Sparkling Lip Gloss. I don't think this is brand new on the market (it may have been out for months) but it still says new on the makeup display in the store, and it's new to me. So that makes it new :)

This lip gloss immediately caught my eye. It sparkles so pretty in person (the swatch photos could not capture that beautiful sparkle). I wanted to buy them all!

Victoria's Secret Sparkling Lip Gloss retails for $10 and is available in six shades. Click here to check out the sparkling lip gloss on VS's website.

I picked up the shade Halo, which was my favorite of them all. This gloss goes on smooth, feels good on your lips, and makes your lips sparkle in a good way. It's not obnoxious sparkle, and it's not barely there sparkle; it's just perfect sparkle!

My only complaint is not a lot of gloss comes out on the wand. I feel like I have to keep pumping it out and applying it several times to get the coverage I want. I wish more gloss came out, and if it did, this would get 5 out of 5 kisses from me on the kisses rating scale. But for now, it gets 4 out of 5 kisses.

Check out the swatch photos...

* click on a photo to view it larger *

Shade Description: A warm toned pink with lots of sparkle!

Have you tried the Victoria's Secret Sparkling Lip Glosses yet? If so, what do you think and what shade do you love?

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