February 24, 2011

Stila It Girl Palette: Swatches & Review

Hello, Beautiful!

My best friend and her daughter are coming into town today (they live in a different state) and they're staying for a few days so I likely won't have time to post any swatches. I still wanted to get some beauty swatches up on the blog so I dug back into my swatch "archives" for this post. These swatches were taken back in June 2010.

I picked up the Stila It Girl Palette from Sephora's website last summer. It was one of their weekly specials, priced around $10 or $15 (I can't remember the price I paid). It contains three full sized shadows, including their popular Kitten shade.

I really like the quality of the shadows, but I only wear the Kitten shade. Even now, months later, I still only use the Kitten shade. I'm sure I'll eventually have a use for the other shades, because they are pretty, but for now, this palette just gets used for Kitten :)

These shadows have decent pigmentation (Kitten has the most), have good wear and can be worn wet or dry. The sizes are really nice, although Stila's website says they are slightly smaller than their normal full size shadow pans.

You can't buy this palette at Sephora anymore, but I found it on Stila's website for just $14. I don't know how long it will be available, so grab yours now if you're interested.

Onto the swatches...

* click on an image to view it larger *

Here are the shadows in the palette:

All three shades swatched on my hand:

Now each shade individually on my eyes (sorry about the shadow fall-out on my lashes; I was too lazy to do clean up that day and just wanted to show the shades on my eyes. My eyes were also really tired, sorry again!).

Shade Description: A pale yellow gold shimmer.
This is the most sheer shade out of the three, but can easily be built up or applied wet for more intense color.

Shade Description: A copper gold shimmer.
This shade swatches a bit darker than it looks on my lids, but I could build it up to make the color more intense.

Shade Description: A light shimmery pink.
My favorite of the three!

Do you own this palette? If so, thoughts?

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