February 9, 2011

Orly Swatches & Review: 4 shades

Hello, Beautiful!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. I was sick AGAIN, for the second time in less than 2 weeks. This time around it really got to me and it's taking a lot longer to get over. I can only hope I don't get sick before my surgery, which is only 20 days away!!

By the way, I've been putting all my surgery updates in a separate page - which is linked on the left side (or just click here). I'll be updating that page every step of my journey - especially during the recovery stage.

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Anyhow, onto the Orly swatches...

* click on an image to view it larger *

Lunar Eclipse (40077)
Shade Description: A sheer smoky blue with micro glitter. This shade has hints of purple depending on how you move your nails.

Royal Navy (40323)
Shade Description: A deep electric blue base with micro aqua blue glitter. Without a top coat the finish is flat, but with a top coat this shade turns into a beautiful, almost jelly like finish. This looks better in person than it does in the swatch photos.

Charged Up (40679)
Shade Description: A grape purple creme.

Sugar Plum (40383)
Shade Description: A pink subtle shimmer with purple undertones, making this a pinky-purple. Because the shimmer is so subtle, this looks almost like a satin finish in person.

*As always: All swatches are shown with 2 coats. Only one photo shows the polish with a top coat (the last photo), as I feel top coats make all shades look better; some top coats even save a horrible shade and transform it into something beautiful. I want to show the colors for what they are and what they could be when you apply a top coat. *

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