February 26, 2011

Just some pics from Saturday morning

Hello, Beautiful!

My friend came to visit on Thursday with her daughter (who is a year younger than my son). They went home this morning, but not before we took the kids out for a fun photoshoot at the playground.

Here are a few of my favorite pics of the two of them (my kid is the boy):

My son looks nothing like me. He's pale, has blonde hair and blue eyes; the only part of me that I can see in him are his eye lashes. He's got great, long eye lashes!

This is my son's "famous" hat. Everywhere we go someone comments on it; actually, it's more like 20 people that comment on it. In case you want to know (since many people have asked), we found the hat at Hot Topic. He says it's his werewolf hat :)

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