February 26, 2011

My friend's first try with WEN: before & after pics

Hello, Beautiful!

While my friend was visiting I had to see how WEN worked on her hair. She has great hair to begin with - thick, shiny, healthy looking - but I still wanted to try WEN on someone else that I could take before and after pics of.

I first tried WEN back in September, and fell in love right away [click here for my review and before & after WEN pics]. It made such a difference in my hair. My hair was super soft, silky, smooth, shiny and all around just beautiful. I couldn't stop touching my hair after I first used WEN. Then I kind of fell out of love with it for a brief period of time. I didn't think it was really working anymore, but really what happened was I was so used to it and when I went back to regular shampoo & conditioner I realized what I was missing.

My first WEN was the Fig, which I hated the smell of but loved the way it helped my hair. Since I hated the smell I tried a different WEN, the Sweet Almond Mint. I liked the smell a lot better, and it still worked for my hair, but it wasn't as moisturizing as the Fig. Thinking I'd surely go back to the Fig just for the better benefits I was ready to re-order when I saw the new WEN scent/formula, the Pomegranate. I ordered in hopes it may be the best of both worlds: good smell and good benefits for my hair. Well it basically is! It's not quite as moisturizing as the Fig, but it's better than the Sweet Almond Mint. Now keep in mind that this is just my experience with WEN, and everyone has a different experience depending on their hair texture and needs. Each WEN doesn't just smell differently, they also do something different for different hair types.

Anyhow, onto my friend's experience with WEN...

My friend's hair stats:
Length: medium-long hair
Type: naturally wavy-curly, fine hair - but a lot of it, so it looks really thick
# of WEN Pumps: 48 (12 per section)
Type of WEN She Used: Sweet Almond Mint

I was up in the air with what WEN I would use on her, but in the end I picked the Sweet Almond Mint since it's the most universal. It's where you should start with WEN if you really don't know what to pick.

I explained to her the way to use WEN and sent her on her way to the shower. Fifteen minutes later she came downstairs and I went into pretend hair dresser mode (I say pretend hair dresser because I'm definitely no where near a pro, but I still like to pretend I can do hair). I made sure she put in the WEN Styling Creme (3 pumps), which is something you should use after using WEN if you plan to style your hair with any heat (including a blow dryer), plus the Styling Creme helps add that extra something, something to make the hair better. I have the Fig styling creme, so that's what she used.

I blow dried her hair in sections, and then (per her request), straightened her hair (I did use the CHI Iron Guard before using the straightening iron).

Her hair was easy to work with thanks to the WEN, and in the end her hair was softer, smoother, and shiner. She loved the way it looked and felt (she too couldn't stop touching her hair) and even the following day she woke up with great hair.

Below are her before & after pics. And remember, she already had great hair - WEN just made it greater :)

* click on an image to view it larger *


  1. I thought her hair looked better in the before :)

  2. it looks...better before...hm

  3. You have to keep in mind that there are several WEN formulas; the formula used on my friend is likely not the best one. Her hair is much different than mine; she has very thick hair! I have very fine hair. She needs the Fig formula. However, in person her hair was MUCH softer, smoother and manageable. Plus, she has great hair to begin with. Don't base her one experience as an entire base of WEN. I had much better results. My experience is also shown in photos linked in this post.

  4. Can I air dry my hair?

  5. @ Anonymous: Yes, I air dry my hair all the time with WEN and I find it's one of the only ways I can air dry my hair and still get great hair! I did a post with my before/after using WEN, and I mostly air dried my hair in the photos - when I say mostly air dry I mean I barely used the blow dryer. Here's that link in case you didn't see that post yet (it's from back in September 2010): http://xoxovalentinekissesxoxo.blogspot.com/2010/09/bye-bye-shampoo-conditioner-hellooooo.html

  6. I think the before picture looks WAY better!


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