October 7, 2010

WEN Will You Start Working Again?

Hello, Beautiful!

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I'm in a bit of WEN funk. Originally I was in love with this product and couldn't picture myself using anything else. But by the time I was finished with the bottle (which didn't take long at all), I didn't get that "wow" feeling like I had gotten the first few times using WEN.

Maybe I'm used to the results and it's just become normal. But what if it really is no longer working?

I knew as soon as I finished the Fig Cleansing Conditioner bottle that I would switch to the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. I actually love the smell of this one, which is a huge improvement over the Fig (which to me smells like a log cabin pharmacy - but many people love the Fig smell). The Sweet Almond Mint actually works better with my hair type (fine hair) and gives me good results, but I'm not 100% ready to give up regular shampoo and conditioner just yet.

I still use a normal shampoo and conditioner when I'm in a rush (since WEN takes so much time to do properly). I do notice differences still - like how easily my hair is to comb. Having long hair can be a real pain - literally - to comb out and I never have issues when I use WEN. My hair also has a lot of shine, much more than after using regular shampoo and conditioner. Plus, I can let my hair air dry after using WEN with no product in it and it will look great - something I can't do with regular shampoo and conditioner.

I'm still not happy about how much product I have to use. I got the big bottle of this (32 ounce) this time around and I still only think I'll get about 15 uses out of it. This is probably the one thing that bugs me everytime I use this. If I had shorter hair it wouldn't be such an issue, but the cost will add up quick having to replace this monthly.

I have changed my shampoo habits because of this product. I do the WEN system about 2 to 3 times a week. The other days I don't use anything or I will use regular shampoo/conditioner if I have product in my hair that needs to get rinsed out. I would love to use this every day, but it's too expensive for that. Plus, you really don't need to. Every other day is good enough.

If you're a WEN user tell me what your thoughts are on the "getting used to it" theory? Is it really still working and I'm just not noticing as much? Or maybe it doesn't work anymore? I'm considering getting the spray (to use in between WEN treatments).

Well, I'm off to WEN my hair with high hopes in mind!

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