October 22, 2010

My Be Love tattoo

Hello, Beautiful!

I took the plunge and got my "BE LOVE" tattoo today! This is my first tattoo. The location of the tattoo is on the top of my left wrist. I really wanted this tattoo, and I don't know why I wasn't nervous or afraid. I'm majorly afraid of needles, to the point where I have panic attacks, but I never once had that scared feeling when thinking about getting my tattoo.
The tattoo didn't hurt at all. I thought for sure it would hurt, but he started and then I say "that's all?". Seriously, I didn't even realize he was doing it. Every now and then (mainly the "B" and the "E" because they was closest to the bone) it felt a little annoying, but nothing painful and certainly nothing that would make me cry or squint my eyes in pain. My husband was sure I'd walk out of the shop crying, because he knows how scared I am of needles. To his surprise (and mine) I walked out of there all smiles (and proud of myself).

I love how the heart in the "O" isn't perfect. It looks like my son drew it and that's exactly what I wanted. I didn't want it to look like a cookie-cutter heart. I wanted it to be a little off because love isn't perfect, love isn't always straight, and love is certainly not cookie-cutter. The only thing that is bothering me (just a little) is how centered, or lack there of, it looks on my wrist. If my arm is out straight (like in the picture), or if I'm typing at the computer, the tattoo looks centered on my wrist. But certain ways I hold/move my arm makes the tattoo look really off-centered. This is something I'll get used to eventually, but I just never expected my tattoo to "move" in that way.

This tattoo holds such importance in my life. I can look at it every day and remember to be love. There are times when I really need that reminder and usually during those times I don't even think about being love, but now that the tattoo is on my wrist, staring right at me, I can always have that reminder. I have a feeling my health issues are going to improve from this point on. The less I stress the better my health improves.

In case anyone is local and looking to get a tattoo, I would highly recommend the local shop I went to. They are the oldest tattoo shop in Front Royal, Virginia. The shop owner is friendly and the atmosphere is laid-back. The shop owner keeps the shop and his shop policies simple and old-school. They only accept cash, no kids allowed in the studio, nobody can come back with you to watch you get the tattoo, they have an answering machine - but you can't leave a message, and they don't have a website. The shop was very clean and the shop owner (the tattoo artist who did my tattoo) is really easy to make conversation with (which is important if you are getting a time consuming tattoo, which mine certainly was not).

Out of all the tattoo shops I've called, emailed and went to visit, this was the one shop that made me feel at home - plus they were very professional. One shop I called several times during their working hours but nobody ever answered. When I left a message nobody called me back. Another shop wanted to change what I wanted my tattoo to be (in size, lettering and location). Another shop wanted to charge me $100 because that was his minimum and even though it would only take him 10 minutes he still had to charge me that price. And then there was the shop that laughed at my tattoo idea and basically pushed me aside to talk to someone who wanted "a real tattoo". There were a few other shops that were nice and friendly too, but I didn't get that "this is it" feeling until I found Colorworks Tattoo Studio.

So for all those that are local, or visiting the area, I would highly recommend Colorworks Tattoo Studio
Address: 514 N Royal Ave. - Front Royal, VA 22630
Phone: 540.636.8282

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