February 18, 2011

Victoria's Secret Minerals Luminous Eye Shadow: Swatches & Review (2 shades)

Hello, Beautiful!

As I mentioned in another post, I picked up some Victoria's Secret Mineral Lip Glosses and Mineral Eye Shadows for just $5 each at my local VS. This post is about the mineral eye shadows. Click here for the mineral lip gloss post.

Victoria's Secret Minerals Luminous Eye Shadow retails for $10 each and is available in six shades. Click here to check out the shadows on VS's website.

I like all Victoria's Secret eye shadows. I have almost every shade they make, but this was my first purchase of their minerals line. I really like these, almost better than the other shadows I have. The colors are beautiful and really luminous (hence the name "Minerals Luminous Eye Shadow"). I bought only two shades, but I want them all! My favorite shade is Bubbly - which is perfect if you want your eyes to look bright and awake. Use all over your lids or just on the inner corners. It's that perfect, pick-me-up shade for eyes!

Onto the swatches...

* click on an image to view it larger *

Shown below: Bubbly (on the left) and Luxe (on the right)

Shade Description: A luminous white gold champagne.

Shade Description: A luminous sable brown.

Have you tried these mineral shadows from Victoria's Secret? If so, what do you think of them and what color is your favorite?


  1. omgosh that champagne color looks gorgeous...i'm going to the states (from canada) this week and i'm just trying to get a heads up what to look for in vs makeup....so excited!

  2. I can't find the Victoria's Secret VS Minerals Bubbly eyeshadow ANYWHERE!! Do you have any in stock? If not, can you get some?

    Thanks much,

  3. @ Anonymous: I don't have a store to sell things, so no, I don't have any in stock and I don't know where you can find it if your VS no longer carries it. It very well could be discontinued. Sorry I couldn't help.


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