February 24, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: Swatches of ALL 18 shades & review

Hello, Beautiful!

Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation is their newest concept to makeup; their first shade-aligned system of foundation, powder and concealer. I was very intrigued by this foundation and had to buy it. I ended up picking up a shade that wasn't right for me because I didn't have any samples to try ahead of time. But then something wonderful happened. I opened up a magazine and saw all 18 shades in sample form! I jumped for joy as I ripped it out of the magazine and put it in my "to swatch" pile.

I finally got around to swatching them today, so here they are, all 18 shades - shown individually and as an entire group. Of course the sample amount of each was tiny but enough to get an idea of the shade.

Review & info on this foundation is at the end of this post. Enjoy!

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What the foundation bottle looks like (and the powder, and concealer)
(photo from magazine sample card):

All 18 shades together:

Now I'll break it down shade by shade...

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 110

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 115

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 120
Classic Ivory

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 125
Nude Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 130
Buff Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 135
Creamy Natural

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 210
Sandy Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 220
Natural Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 225
Medium Buff

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 230
Natural Buff

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 235
Pure Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 245
Medium Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 310
Sun Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 315
Soft Honey

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 320
Honey Biege

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 325
Cream Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 350

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shade 355

Review & Info:

Coverage Level: Sheer to Medium buildable coverage.
SPF?: Yes, SPF 18
Wear: Average. Not super long lasting, but it didn't go away quickly either.
Shade Selection: 18 shades to choose from, offering a nice selection for almost every skintone.
Price: Very affordable - around $6 to $7 depending on where you shop.
How To Apply: Maybelline suggest applying with your fingertips, and I would say that application method does work great with this foundation. But any foundation brush or sponge will work just fine.

From Maybelline's website:
It's makeup that fits you. No oils, no waxes, no nonsense.
Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be... fresh, breathing, natural.
Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through.
Non-comedogenic (which means it won't clog pores) and dermatologist-tested.

My personal thoughts:
I wish I had better skin because I did like this foundation. I think for the price you're getting a great foundation, but the coverage level just isn't enough for my full-of-flaws face.

Update with my shade selection:
Originally I picked up shade 230, but that was before I had the opportunity to swatch them. Now that I've swatched them I'm going to try out shade 235, which looks like a better "fit" for me :)

Have you tried this? If so, thoughts? If not, will you try this out?


  1. I ended up picking shade 230 originally, but its not a "perfect" match. Now that I've swatched them I'm going to try out 235 instead - which blends in perfectly on my arm swatch (and that's the inside of my arm, which is a closer match to my face skintone - since my arms are normally a little tanner than my face).

    Shade 230 worked okay, but I just think 235 will be a better fit :)

  2. Hi, thank u so much for taking the time to do a swatch.. for all 18 of them!!! This is by far the most comprehensive review I've seen for this foundation. It really saves time and energy for those that want to figure out what color thy need to buy b4 going to the store.

  3. omg which mag was it in! I've been looking everywhere for it!

    check out my blog! ^_^

  4. what is your shade on mac?


  5. thank you so much, it will help a lot, as we do not have this series in UK yet I want to buy it online, :))

    take care xxx

  6. hi, this is really awesome. does the 230 run pinkish or yellowish?? and is the 310 darker than what it is in the picture? im really torn between the 2. Do u have the maybelline dream smooth mousse? im a natural beige in that foundation.

  7. Anonymous: I would say 230 runs more yellow/beige. As for 310, the colors are pretty accurate to what you see - but it will all depend on your computer monitor's color settings. If you're a natural beige I would try the 230 or 235. I don't have the Dream Smooth Mousse, so I can't compare to that shade, sorry.

    If you go to the store just open the bottles and see if they've already been swatched/tested... you're not supposed to but I always open them before I buy anyway (unless they are sealed, of course) because I don't want to buy one that was tested and there always seems to be a bunch that are tested - especially at Wal-Mart. Just test one that other people already tested if you're really torn between two. But a lot of places - Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, will let you return them even if they are open. So if the shade doesn't work, return and try another.

  8. i wear 310
    and im nc40


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