February 13, 2011

(more) American Apparel Nail Polish Swatches - 6 shades!

Hello, Beautiful!

I already posted swatches to seven other shades of American Apparel nail lacquer (Cameo Blue, Palm Springs, Summer Peach, Office, Port, Army Jacket and Berry), which you can find by clicking here.

Now I'm posting the other six shades that I own. Out of the six shades below, my favorite is Echo Park. What is your favorite?

* click on an image to view it larger *

Echo Park (42013)
Shade Description: A warm light to medium gray creme.

African Violet (42020)
Shade Description: A deep purple creme.

L'Esprit (38979)
Shade Description: A pastel lavender creme.

Butter (38976)
Shade Description: A pastel yellow creme.

MacArthur Park (42018)
Shade Description: A yellow toned olive green creme. This shade in particular reminds me of some bowls & plates my mom had from the 70's.

Malibu Green (38977)
Shade Description: A vibrant teal creme.

*As always: All swatches are shown with 2 coats of polish. Only one photo (the last photo) is shown with a top coat (the top coat used will be listed on the swatch photo). I don't show the polish off with a top coat in all the photos because a top coat can transform some shades, making them prettier than they really are. In general, a good top coat makes every shade better! But I want to show each color exactly as it is and what it could be. *

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