February 4, 2011

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish: Swatches of 17 shades

Hello, Beautiful!

The Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polishes quickly became an obsession. I had to find them all. There are 18 shades available, and I now have all except one (which I will find). I'm missing "Gray’s Anatomy", although I do have the same shade name in their Craze polish line (but the shades are slightly different, even though they have the same names).

I have to once again brag about how awesome my husband is. He helped in my hunt to find all the shades, and ended up finding 9 that I couldn't find at any of the stores I checked. He really is the greatest. This is why I married this man; he totally gets me and supports me in every part of my life. My 7th wedding anniversary is on Monday and I'm excited to celebrate another year together :)

Anyhow, enough bragging (for now, hehe). Onto these beautiful polishes...

I really like the Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polishes. The colors are beautiful, the names are catchy (all TV based), and they are quick drying.  I can't say how long lasting they are because I change my polish far too often (usually every day or every other day). I also like the new Wet n Wild Craze polishes (which I'll make a separate blog post on soon).

Enjoy the swatches! Let me know your favorite!

* click on an image to view it larger *

Party of Five Glitters (238C)
Shade Description: Silver, green, red, blue, and fuchsia multi-sized hex glitter in a clear base.

Teal of Fortune (228C)
Shade Description: A beautiful semi-sheer shimmering teal. The photo do not do this shade any justice.

Saved By The Blue (230C)
Shade Description: A primary blue shimmer.

Everybody Loves Redmond (221C)
Shade Description: A bright candy red creme.

How I Met Your Magenta (233C)
Shade Description: An beautiful bright barbie pink with subtle shimmer.

The Wonder Yellows (224C)
Shade Description: A golden yellow shimmer.

FuchsiaRama (232C)
Shade Description: A neon fuchsia (matte finish) that comes to life with a top coat (as you can see in the last swatch).

Sage in the City (225C)
Shade Description: A bright leaf green shimmer. (222C)
Shade Description: A beautiful golden orange with micro glitter.

The Gold & The Beautiful (223C)
Shade Description: A sheer gold glitter.

SaGreena The Teenage Witch (226C)
Shade Description: A shimmery emerald green.

Teal or No Teal (227C)
Shade Description: A beautiful beachy teal with shimmer.

Ebony Hates Chris (229C)
Shade Description: A shiny black creme.

Buffy The Violet Slayer (231C)
Shade Description: A satin royal purple.

Hannah Pinktana (234C)
Shade Description: A purple based pink with micro holographic glitter.

Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire (235C)
Shade Description: A smoky baby blue with micro holographic glitter.

Silvivor (236C)
Shade Description: A silver metallic foil. 

*As always: All swatches are shown with 2 coats. Only one photo shows the polish with a top coat (the last photo), as I feel top coats make all shades look better; some top coats even save a horrible shade and transform it into something beautiful. I want to show the colors for what they are and what they could be when you apply a top coat. *


  1. very pretty! and the names are so cute!

  2. I just found WnW Grays Anatomy...2 weeks of searching and it's mine! Thanx for the swatches.

  3. @ Beata:
    I'm so jealous! I searched for a few weeks to get all the colors I have. My husband works an hour away, so one day on his way home he stopped at around 5 or 6 different stores and hit the jackpot in a Walgreens (although he managed to get the last of several shades). I'm still on the look out for Gray's Anatomy. From what I see online it's beautiful!

  4. Pretty i love it! I am a huge nail polish junkie!!!!:)


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