December 18, 2010

OPI Swatches (9 colors)

Hello, Beautiful!

First, before I get into all the OPI swatches, I want to remind you to enter today's contest! CLICK HERE to enter (or read the post below this one).

I started to take photos of my nail polish swatches, but I realize it's going to take awhile. I'm going to post brand by brand until all of my polish swatches are up on this blog. Today is my entire OPI collection... all 9 of them (although I recently ordered Absolutely Alice, so that should arrive soon). I know, not a lot at all, but these are just OPI polishes and not the Sephora by OPI or Nicole by OPI polishes (which I also don't have a ton of). My OPI collection will grow, eventually.

Let me know what you think of the swatches. Are they giving you a good idea of the shade? Do I need to take better swatches? I know showing the nail color on my actual nails would be best, but to go through and paint my nails every shade just for swatch purposes would be wasteful (meaning if I just put the polish on, took photos, then removed it). If I wear the shade I'll try and remember to take a swatch photo and add it to my swatch photo collection, otherwise, they will just be on the fake nails (and if you couldn't tell, that finger in the swatch photos is on a manikin hand. That is not my real finger).

*Click on photos to view them larger*

Here is my OPI Nail Color Wheel:

 #1: Sparkle-icous (HL B08) - from the Burlesque Collection
Shade Description: Gold, purple and blue glitter in a clear base.

#2: Extra-va-vaganza! (HL B05) - from the Burlesque Collection
Shade Description: Orange, gold, silver, green, blue, purple glitter in a clear base.


#3: Moon Over Mumba! (NL I46)
Shade Description: A milky cream gray tinted white with subtle shimmer.

#4: Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! (NL B77)
 Shade Description: A cool toned deep bright pink cream.

 #5: Koala Bear-y (NL A46)
Shade Description: A berry pink cream.

 #6: Simmer & Shimmer (HL B06) - from the Burlesque Collection
Shade Description: A blue, silver, pink/purple, gold, green, and orange glitter in a clear base.

#7: Show It and Glow It! (HL B07) - from the Burlesque Collection
Shade Description: A purple/pink, green, silver, gold, orange, blue glitter in a clear base.

#8: Bring On The Bling (HL B03) - from the Burlesque Collection
Shade Description: A gold, purple/pink, green, blue, silver, orange glitter in a clear base.

#9: Mad As A Hatter (NL A57) - from the Alice In Wonderland Collection
Shade Description: A purple, blue, black, silver, green, orange, gold glitter in a clear base.


  1. I wanted "Mad as a Hatter" for SO long when it came out. I just couldn't bring myself to pay 5x the amount for it on eBay. But I love how the Burlesque collection is just as intense in glitter. Nice collection... maybe I should post mine... =)

  2. wow.. all those glitters are gorgeous! mad as hatter is amazing :) i just HATE taking glitter OFF of my nails, so i never buy them!

  3. @ Selina: Me too! The price some people charge for it is crazy. It drives me nut when I see someone selling an $8.50 bottle of polish for $35, $50, even $60! I could never be that greedy or feel good about myself if I did that to someone. I mean, I can see paying a little more for a hard to find discontinued color, but $50 or $60 for a bottle? That's nuts!

    Thankfully I found one from a nice lady who only used hers once and sold it to me for a reasonable price (she actually offered it as less than original cost because it was used, but I still paid full price plus shipping). Check around and hopefully you can get your hands on it. It's one of my favorites!

  4. I love all the glitters. I just purchased all of the burlesque glitters and got my hands on mad hatter as well. In general if you have sparkelious, one can hold off on mad hatter. Sparkelious is more gold while mad hatter is more silver.

  5. Gosh i love all these colors!! <3 But my favorite of all is Sparkle-icous gorgeous! As well as feeling hot-hot-hot is beautiful color

  6. @ Beta: I kind of disagree, but only because I'm glitter obsessed and would suggest everyone get them all :) Sparkle-icious if my favorite of the Burlesque colors (I even bought a backup) but I find it to be more gold toned while Mad As A Hatter is more purple toned. Either way, they're both beautiful!!

    @ kalipzo10: Sparkle-icous is my favorite too! It's one of the only glitters I own that my husband said "wow, even I like that" and he thinks glitter nail polish is nothing to get excited about, lol.


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