December 23, 2010

Essie Swatches (9 colors)

Hello, Beautiful!

I recently picked up six new Essie polishes (that I found on sale at Trade Secret for 50% and 75% off!!!), but I haven't had time to take the swatch photos. So for now, I will show the nine shades I did take swatch photos of. I'll update this post with the other six shades in a few days. I also have nine new OPI shades to add to the OPI Swatch blog post!

*Click on photos to view them larger*

Here is my Essie Nail Color Wheel:

#1: Carousel Coral (443)
Shade Description: A pink coral creme. For whatever reason this color did not swatch right (which I didn't realize until I processed the swatch photos). It appears streaky and weird, but it's not (I promise).

#2: Bachelorette Bash (563)
Shade Description: A pinky bright fuchsia creme.

#3: True Love (641)
Shade Description: A sheer cotton candy pink.

#4: Infatuation (559)
Shade Description: A watermelon pink creme.

#5: Very Cranberry (262)
Shade Description: A medium deep cranberry creme with a pearl finish.

#6: Funny Face (687)
Shade Description: A pinky fuchsia creme.

#7: Luscious Lips (689)
Shade Description: A sheer pale pink.

#8: St. Barths Blue (275)
Shade Description: A light blue creme with a pearl finish.

#9: Lolipop (703)
Shade Description: A bright candy red cream. For some reason my camera was not picking up this color correctly and it looks darker in most of the swatch photos below. The swatch photo that is most accurate is the last one (the one that shows the color with a top coat). Also, my bottle is printed as "Lolipop" with just one "L" in the name. On Essie's website it is listed as "Lollipop" with two "L's" in the name. I'm not sure which is correct but I'm going by what is printed on my bottle.

Other Essie shades to come: Tart Deco, True Love, Rock Candy, Lyford Lilac, Castaway, Mini How High.

Other OPI shades to come: Happy Anniversary, Funny Bunny, Absolutely Alice, A Oui Bt of Red, Paint My Moji-toes Red, Hopelessly In Love, Otherwise Engaged, Glow Up Already!, Fiercely Fiona, Time-Less Is More.

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