December 6, 2010


Hello, Beautiful!

59... that's the number of new nail polishes I've purchased in the past TWO weeks! What is wrong with me??? Most of them are from e.l.f. Cosmetics (the greater bulk of them) since I made two purchases there... one order on Black Friday when they had BOGO free and one order on Cyber Monday when they had 55% off everything. I ended up getting duplicates of most of the colors from e.l.f., which I'll gift to my nieces and probably to my blog readers too (in give-aways). I also took advantage of Sally Beauty's China Glaze Buy Two get One Free sale (that was 9 polishes there). Then I've purchased 4 Sephora by OPI polishes, three Sephora polishes (those teeny tiny bottles that the call "full sized") because I had a $20 gift card to use. Then there are some other random purchases: one Nina Pro polish (a super sparkly purple), three NYC polishes, a Sally Hansen, and one Essie polish (on clearance at Target).

I knew I was buying a lot of nail polish lately, but I didn't realize how much until I thought about it on my drive home today. Thankfully the bill isn't that high since a lot of them were super cheap (most of the e.l.f. polishes were just $0.45 each). I wouldn't dare tell my husband the amount because he thinks owning more than one or two polishes is too much (which is crazy). But he'll see them all on my nail polish book shelf in our bedroom. He saw the number of e.l.f. polishes I had and just shook his head in that "you're crazy, but I love you anyway" type of way.

I'm trying not to buy any new nail polish for awhile now, but I have a feeling I won't be able to help myself. I'm still on the search for holographic nail polish... I NEED it, haha.

So with all that being said, be prepared for A LOT of nail polish swatches on this blog. I'll probably post several colors in one post because this blog would turn into a nail polish only blog if I only showed one color a day.

What do you want to see first? China Glaze? e.l.f.? Something else?

I've also been playing around with nail art too, so you'll see a post here or there with some nail art.

And if you don't know, I used to be huge into doing nails. I mean, I was doing acrylic, gel, and silk wrap nails before I was even in high school. I did my nails (and friends and family's nails) for years. I was obsessed! I collected nail polish like it was my life line. But once I became a cheerleader I realized I couldn't have nails and there went my ablility to keep up with my nails and slowly the love of doing nails faded. I can feel that obsession coming back in a huge way... and I love it!

Am I nuts for buying so much polish, even if it was on sale so cheap?? Has anyone else ever gone on a buying spree for one particular product or am I alone here?

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  1. You are definitely not alone there, I'm also on a big nail polish craze so I completely understand you


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