December 29, 2010

Great Dollar Store Makeup Organization Finds!

Hello, Beautiful!

I stopped by my local Dollar Store tonight (whenever I'm near it I go in to see what nail polish they may have). While waiting for my son to pick out one toy (which, by the way, takes forever for him to decide!) my eyes wondered to the back wall where all the storage bins and baskets are. I started to get excited because they had great little "drawer organizer" bins that work perfectly for storing makeup! And they're really affordable!

I picked up two sizes:
  • The smaller bins are 4"x4"x3"
  • The longer bins are 8"x4"x3"
They only had them in two colors: a translucent white (the color I chose) and a translucent blue. Your Dollar Store may have other options.

The smaller bins come 3 to a pack for $1
The longer bins come 2 to a pack for $1

Here are photos of what they look like and ways to use them:

The smaller bins...
Great for lip gloss, mascaras, liners, concealers, foundations, basically anything.

The longer bins....
Great for palettes, mascaras...
... foundations and anything really! Even nail polish would work great in the longer bins!
Note: I did not organize my items in the ways shown in the photos above. I just wanted to throw some items in to show you the size of the containers.

So there you have it! An affordable makeup organization solution! I put these in my makeup drawers, but you could sit them on a shelf or makeup table.

They also make great organizers for other things too... scrapbook & craft items, pens, small toys, belts (rolled up), scarves (rolled up), jewelry, etc.


  1. I would buy the longer ones for my nail polish!

  2. Ooh, these look great! May I ask, was it a Dollar Tree?

  3. great ideas! and so inexpensive too!


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