December 16, 2010

265... that's how many nail polish colors I have! AHHH!

Hello, Beautiful!

My, oh my. I had no clue just how many unique nail polish colors I had. I mean, I knew I had a lot (especially with my recent nail polish binge) but I didn't realize I had that many.

I finished logging and swatching all the colors I have (which is a very long, smelly process with a headache or two from the fumes). I swatched them all on color wheels (which I buy at Sally's Beauty Supply). I made a color wheels for each brand and color wheels for each color category.

So why even take all the time, money buying the color wheels, and using up polish? Because it's simple: organization! The more organized I am the better I feel and the better I can live my life. It's a great way to remember the colors you have so if you run out, or if a label goes missing, you will always know what color it was in case you want to re-purchase. And probably one of the best perks, you can easily select a nail color. Just take the color wheels and "try-on" the polishes you think you want to wear. Not all colors look the same as they appear in the bottle, so it's nice to see what it would look like on your nails before you go through the hassle of putting it on your nails, hating it, and having to remove it to start all over with another color (which you may also hate). This comes in handy when my nieces are visiting because I don't have to worry about them messing up my nail polish (I'm really particular about all that and would prefer nobody dis-organize them).

If you only have a handful of nail polishes (and don't purchase them frequently) you may think logging all your colors on color wheels is going over board. But if you're like me and you own a lot of polish you'll probably want to try this out at some point.

Of course with all that polish there has to be some dupes, right? Well, yes, there were several dupes... some so close I wondered if they were the exact same bottle of polish. I think I have several dupes that come close to many Chanel polishes (although I don't personally own any; I'm just going by the swatches I see online). And to me, when I see dupe polish posts I expect to see an almost exact match. That to me is a dupe. I've seen "dupe" posts where one color is clearly nothing like the other... it will be 3 shades darker and have a completely different finish. To me, that's just a different shade of that color... not a dupe. But then again, I probably analyze the colors way too much under different lighting.

With all that being said, LOTS of nail polish swatches coming soon, along with a post dedicated to dupes. I'll probably begin to take photos of the swatches today or tomorrow. I'll hopefully have some ready to post by the weekend.


After Christmas I will begin to post a series of posts titled "2010 Best of Beauty Awards". This is my version of saying what the best of the best was in 2010 from the products I personally own, tested and used. Each category (such as foundation, nails, bush, lipgloss, lipstick, etc.) will have it's own blog post. This will make it easy to read what you want and not have a giant blog post. This also means I'll likely post several posts in a single day (possibly even all of them in a single day). Stay tuned for my picks of the best of 2010!

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And on a side note...

What is up with these "Monster High Dolls"? My nieces want them so bad, and of course they want the ones that are sold out everywhere. Only "Cloe De Nile" seems to be the one I can find (why is she so unwanted/over produced?). I ended up finding one of the "Frankie Stein" dolls online for one of my nieces, but they want double the price because of supply and demand. They retail for $16.99 but I paid $32, which is still better than what some of those dolls are going for on eBay. 

I swear, it's like Tickle Me Elmo all over again, which, by the way I totally wanted one when they originally came out and got one for Christmas (go mom!). I think he came out in 1996... so I was 12.. yeah, way too old to seriously want that as a Christmas present! I remember hearing on the news that some people paid over $1,000 for that stupid thing. I bet they're kicking themselves now! I can see paying a little more for the "it" toy if you really can't find it anywhere else (and you have the money to spoil your kids), but to pay $1,000 or more? It only retailed for around $30 or so!

I don't even want to know what's going to happen when my son gets a little older and starts to want whatever "it" toy is out at that time. Although I'm pretty sure I will be the mom that does whatever she can to get it for him (he's totally spoiled... at least until a second child comes into the picture). I'm thankful he's into simple things that are easy to find (Playmobil toys, Lego's, K'Nex, Matchbox cars/sets, pretend food, and anything to do with police, fire fighters, ambulances and rescue people).

Okay... I'm rambling. That's never a good thing. I shall end this post now before I continue my ramble (I always ramble when I'm tired). Good Night!

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