October 1, 2013

Blog sale update October 3rd: PRICES REDUCED!

Hello, Beautiful!

I've just updated the blog sale and reduced prices on practically every single item!!! This is in an effort to clear out as much as possible. I will be adding items to the blog sale eventually, but honestly probably not until after the holidays/new year.

If you'd like to buy anything please take a look at the link below, or click on the blog sale tab above. USA only - PayPal as payment - shipping is USPS Priority Mail only (which starts at $5 and goes up from there based on your location to mine and how much your items weigh). I will always try to ship in a small flat rate box whenever possible ($5 for shipping) but some items will be too large to fit so I'll weigh it out and let you know the shipping price. You pay what I pay for shipping and not a penny more (and I print the labels from my computer so it's slightly cheaper than if I went to the post office itself).

Also, if you already emailed me your list of what you wanted and I never replied or said I would get back to you once I was feeling better (since I've been sick for practically 2 weeks straight), well I somehow (stupidly) LOST all those emails somewhere during an email clean up that I did recently. If you are still interested please re-email me your list and if I can find any emails from you or that I replied to you I will email you again to ask for your list again.

Happy shopping :)

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