October 21, 2013

Erno Laszlo Transphuse Night Serum & Luminous Intensive Decollete Treatment SPF 20 - pics, swatches, reviews

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Erno Laszlo is my favorite luxury skincare brand. Everything from that line seems to perform so perfectly with my skin and it's one of the few skincare lines that I actually see results from. I'm actually almost completely out of my Erno Laszlo Phormula 3-9 Repair Cream - which I love and have been using so very sparingly (it's been about a year since I started using it and I keep coming back to it when I'm not trying out other products). In this post I have two of the most recent Erno Laszlo products I tried out - the Transphuse Night Serum and the Luminous Intensive Decollete Treatment SPF 20. Check out my full review on each product, including all the product info, after each set of pics!

Erno Laszlo Transphuse Night Serum



Erno Laszlo Transphuse Night Serum Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $195.00 (1 fl oz full size). Available on the Erno Laszlo website, at Nordstrom, at Dermstore, and everywhere else Erno Laszlo is sold.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

This lightweight, anti-aging serum repairs daily skin damage while you sleep. Transphuse Serum helps skin recover its natural balance overnight, reducing the appearance of fine lines and boosting defense against the next days stress. The skin is left lifted, toned and refreshed.

Fortifies by replenishing the skin with bioactive nutrients to enhance the cell's own defenses against environmental aggressors. Stimulates with innovative polypeptide technology to promote the creation of collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Soothes with lavender extract to help skin recover from the stress of the day and calms the senses for a restful sleep.

As I mentioned at the top of my post, Erno Laszlo is my favorite luxury skincare brand. And this product certainly comes with a luxury price tag of $195. I understand that's not in everyone's budget - a lot of times it's not even in mine! - but I can honestly say that Erno Laszlo products work really well for me, and for a lot of people I know. They may be pricey but I believe they're worth it.

The Transphuse Night Serum has a nice light liquid-serum texture. The scent was kind of mild to strong, but not bothersome and it goes away fast. Absorbs into the skin really easily.

This is the kind of product that is easy to incorporate into your nighttime routine. Cleanse, apply this serum, moisturizer and eye cream and you're good to go. I haven't been very consistent with this product, as I was sick for 3 weeks straight and my skincare routine was majorly thrown off, but I was using it pretty regularly and my skin was pretty happy because of it. I'll be 30 years old in April, so I'm at the point where I'm all about wrinkle prevention. I've had smile lines for years now that bother me, and getting fine lines around my eyes. I'm trying to keep my skin looking as wrinkle-free as possible, and a product like this will aid in that goal.

Erno Laszlo Luminous Intensive Decollete Treatment SPF 20

Erno Laszlo Luminous Intensive Decollete Treatment SPF 20 Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $95.00 (1.7 oz full size). Available on the Erno Laszlo website, at Nordstrom, at Dermstore, and everywhere else Erno Laszlo is sold.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses

Repair and illuminate the delicate skin on the decolletage (your chest/boobies - for those that don't know), with this protective treatment with SPF 20. Helps soften, firm and brighten the skin, while broad-spectrum UV protection guards against discoloration and photo-aging.

Renews by promoting cell turnover to help even skin tone and diminish sun spots, age spots and dark spots. Protects with antioxidants and broad spectrum sunscreen to protect against environmental damage. Hydrates with soothing emollients that soften and replenish skin's moisture level.

This has a light texture, that feels like a silicone-gel. Has a light scent that doesn't bother me at all. And with this product I find that a little goes a long way. You'll use less than you think, as it really spreads out and absorbs into skin like a dream.

Again, I don't really have issues or problems in my decolletage area at the moment, but I want to keep it that way so it's all about preventative measures. I find this really does soften the skin and also firms it up a bit. I like the SPF 20, as I often wear v-neck tops and it's an area constantly exposed to the sun. I am really bad at remembering to apply sunscreen, so it's nice to use a product that includes it.

If you're looking for a luxury decollete product, this is it!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these two Erno Laszlo products? Have you tried either one or did you add either of these to your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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